Christmas Tree Maze Hard Printable

Dec 07, 2020
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Christmas Tree Maze Hard Printable
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Christmas Tree Maze
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What is the Christmas Tree Maze?

When talking about the Christmas tree maze, we may refer to the maze activity and the real-life maze made out of recycled Christmas trees. It is an activity sheet with a maze designed like a Christmas tree. Usually, the task is to find a way from the very bottom of the trunk to the very top of the Christmas tree. There are several levels of difficulty to the maze available. Starting from the simplest maze so a preschooler can do it, to a more complicated one for adults. 

What is a Recycled Christmas Tree Maze? 

There is a real-life maze made out of unsold and recycled Christmas trees at Linvilla Orchards. The maze is made of their own collection and the contribution from other people around whom contributing by giving their old Christmas tree to them. The staff arranges the tree forming a labyrinth that you can try to go inside and make your way out. It is a great way to reuse the unsold and used Christmas tree. Instead of dumping them in the landfill, they create a beautiful and challenging maze instead. It is a fun place to visit with your family. 

What is a Christmas Tree Maze Good For?

Christmas tree maze is good to use as a family activity. You can do this activity with your family at Christmas. You can use a different level of difficulty for each family member. For example, you can use the easiest one for the youngest kids, the medium one for the older kids, and the hardest ones for the adults. You can do this as a competition. Doing a maze is not just fun but can increase your brain activity and can serve you as a stress reliever so it is perfect to do during the holiday to get your brain refreshed. 

Printable Christmas Mazes
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Christmas Tree Maze Printable
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Hard Christmas Mazes
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Christmas Tree Maze Hard Printable
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Where do You Get a Christmas Tree Maze?

You can find a Christmas tree maze or other activity at bookstores or stationery. You can also find some on the internet. There plenty of the maze available for you to download for free. You can choose from the easiest ones to the hardest ones. You can print the maze on vinyl and do it using a board marker so you can delete and reuse it. You can also print it into multiple copies to play with your family and see who can finish the maze first.  

What are the best-animated movies to watch on Christmas?

Bring the happiness of your Christmas by watching some animated movies with your kids. if you just seek some recommendations, here are some for you!

  1. Klaus (2019)

This animated movie presents the story of a toy maker who make a friend with a new postal worker.

  1. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018)

The Grinch character is quite popular though. The movie talks about how annoying he is. Grinch team up with the dog and try to ruin the festive celebration.

  1. Arthur Christmas (2011)

It is such a fun movie that shows the kids behind the scenes of Santa’s work which is using modern technology.


What handmade ornaments kids can construct for the tree?

Let the kids participate in ornament making could be a great activity to stimulate their creativity. Some handmade crafts would suit well them to DIY.

Snowman handprint only uses the handprint to trace. Use a white paper and let the kids put their hands on the paper. Trace it then make the cutout. Add the facial features of the snowman which are black eyes and an orange nose. Make a hole using a paper puncher and insert the string into it.

Cardboard Gingerman would be a fantastic hanger. Have a Gingerman stencil and ask the kids to trace it on the cardboard. Let them draw the facial features using colored pencils by themselves.

Christmas tree popsicle sticks sound awesome too. Dip the popsicle in the paint and leave it dry. Add some glittery touch and build the tree using popsicle sticks.

Have a quality time with your kids for a nice crafty time!

How do you play Christmas scavenger hunt?

If you just considering a Christmas game that can play in groups for your kids, the scavenger hunt can be an option. Grab your notes and write down things you should prepare!

All you need to prepare is the scavenger hunt template with the list of things you want the kids to find during the holiday season. let them look for the decoration would be awesome. have a list of ornaments template and instruct the kids to give a mark on the thing they found out.

It is such a great game to sharpen kids’ knowledge about the ornaments and other decorations that commonly exist during the holiday season. You can also review the things they found and mention the history or the correlation between the items and Christmas.

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