Caterpillar Dot Art Printables

Sep 08, 2011
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Do a Dot Printables Preschool
Do a Dot Printables Preschooldownload

What is dot art called?

The other term of dot art is pointillism. This kind art is defined as a method of painting that uses dots to create an image or color the object. When we guide kids to draw, we commonly see pointillism in a form of a caterpillar dot art. To do this kind of art, we don't need to fill the object completely until we block the color. We let the white space be not fully painted or drawn. It's because we want to retain the shape of the point. So, when we see the painting, we know that the shapes or colors are formed from the dots. Pointillism is a branch from impressionism. The one who improved this method are Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. They developed pointillism in 1886.

What is dot painting for kids?

Dot painting is one of the parts of Aboriginal cultures. Dot painting is considered as a great method to introduce kids with Aboriginal cultures. It's because they can learn more about aboriginal cultures and do active tasks at the same time. In addition, dot painting can help kids to respect the story telling technique of Aboriginal culture. It's because in Aboriginal culture, dot painting is a kind of technique to retain the storytelling tradition. To start learning about tradition, ask children to sit together, tell them about a dream time story, and bring out the artwork as a cultural way of storytelling. Don't forget to bring dots as a technique that is adopted in the artwork. Use a stick to help applying natural and earthy color on a dot art. Encourage them to share their story through dot art.

How do you start a dot art?

To create a dot art, including caterpillar dot art, there are some things to follow. Here are the steps:
1.    Download caterpillar dot art worksheet.
2.    Prepare the following equipment: various colours of paints, pencils with eraser on top, and printed caterpillar dot art worksheet.
3.    Dip an eraser on top of the pencil into the paint.
4.    With the other pencil, dip the tip into the other color of paint.
5.    Try to exercise the dotting before beginning to fill the caterpillar dot painting worksheet.
6.    Start tapping and jotting the caterpillar dot painting worksheet with the dipped pencil. Make sure we jot them sequentially so that the result will be neat.

C Is for Caterpillar Dot Paint Worksheet
C Is for Caterpillar Dot Paint Worksheetdownload

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Which paint is best for dot painting?

The result of dot painting is determined by three things, including how flat the surface of the object is, the materials of the surface, the paint, and the applicator. We will get the best result if we do the dot painting on a flat surface, like on the caterpillar dot art worksheet. The thick paper can last longer when the paint is applied. It’s because the thinner paper tends to tore when the liquid paint is applied onto it. The more able to absorb the paint, the more it will be easier for the paint to be pigmented on the surface. Usually, the common painting that is used for dot painting is acrylic paint.

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