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Feb 10, 2021
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American Girl Doll Printable Laptops Front and Back
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How much is an AG doll?

The AG doll that stands for American Girl doll is the toy that is intended for girls. This doll measures 18 inches in size for the Historical Characters, Truly Me, and Girl of the Year series. There is also a smaller size, which is 15 inches. The series that uses this measure is Bitty Baby. We can get an AG doll with the paperback book for $95. This can be quite expensive. However, we can create our own miniature equipment, such as an AG doll laptop, to complete the game.

What is the most popular AG doll?

AG dolls don’t only provide the dolls themselves. They also provide some interesting and heart-touching stories. So, those will make the engagement between the doll and us will be so personalized. Here are top five list of most popular AG dolls:
1.    Addy Walker AG doll
       This story tells a nine-years-old girl, Addy Walker, who tried to escape with his mother from Philadelphia because of slavery. She needs to face the truth, separated from her big family. When she was finally reunited with the family, sadly she lived in poverty.
2.    Kit Kittredge
       The story tells a tomboy girl who pursued her dreams to be a reporter. Her struggles paid off. She won an award. She also published an article in a newspaper.
3.    Melody Wllison
      The setting of this story is in the 20th century. She is a civil right activist. She actively attended some demonstrations and lobbied civil right movements in Detroit.
4.    Felicity Merriman
      This girl lived in a Revolutionary-war era setting. She was so vocal when it came to speaking their thoughts in mind. She didn't really care about being ladylike. If she wanted to do things, she would do it, no matter what.
5.    Samantha Parkington
       She is a girl with a strong ambition. She was raised by her grandmother. Her grandma has a goal for her granddaughter, to be a president of the United States or a painter in the future.

American Girl Doll Laptop Print Out
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Mini American Girl Doll Laptop Printables
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Printable LPs Laptop
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How to Make American Girl Doll Laptop
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How do you make an AG doll laptop?

Here are some steps to create DIY AG doll laptop:
1.    Prepare the following: Photo paper, cardboard, stick glue, ruler, and scissor.
2.    First thing first, download AG doll laptop template.
3.    Then, print the AG doll laptop template out on a piece of photo paper. Make sure we download it back and forth.
4.    Cut around the AG doll laptop template carefully. Make sure there are no paper leftovers.
5.    Put the AG doll laptop template that has been cut on on the cardboard.
6.    Cut the cardboard and adjust the size to the cut template.
7.    Paste the AG doll laptop template on the cardboard back and forth by using stick glue.
8.    Make sure there are no bumps when sticking them on.
9.    Fold the AG doll laptop with a ruler to create a crease.

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