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Shading Value Scale Worksheet

Shading Value Scale Worksheet via


What is the Value Scale?

The value scale is the range of shades from the lightest shade, (white) to the darkest shade, (black). Between both shades, there are grey scales. This helps us in creating dark and light shadows in a picture. We can get three dimensions and realistic images by using these value scales. To create a solid and realistic image or painting, the range that we need has to be wider. We can use value scale charts to help us understand how deep and how realistic an image is. The chart is in the form of bars. Every shade is separated by smaller bars. The chart starts from the lightest to darkest.

Understanding the range of value scale needs practice. Value scale worksheets can be used for practicing these skills. This practice isn’t difficult, and is actually as simple as redrawing the value based on the example as a reference.

How to Draw Value Scale?

To improve the skills of creating value in paintings, first we need to know how to draw value scales step by step.

1.    Create our own value scale worksheet by drawing nine squares in the same size.

2.    Give numbers from 1 to 9 for every single bar. 1 is for the lightest shade and 9 is for the darkest shade.

3.    Start determining the lightest and the darkest value.

4.    We can leave the 1st bar blank and fill the 9th bar a deep dark color by using a 6B pencil.

5.    Attempt to depict the value of bar 5. This value should be an equal combination of the brightest and the darkest shades.

6.    We can continue to fill bar number 2 or 8. The main point is we draw to reach the closest shade of square number 5 gradually from the starting point.

7.    Don’t forget to review and revise the values as accurately as possible. If the values seem like they are not gradually shaded, adjust them by erasing and redrawing the shades.

Color Value Scale Worksheet

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Value Scale Worksheet

Value Scale Worksheet via

Art Value Scale Worksheet Printable

Art Value Scale Worksheet Printable via

Shading Value Scale Worksheet

Shading Value Scale Worksheet via

Value Scale Drawing Worksheet

Value Scale Drawing Worksheet via


How to Use Value Scale?

What do we do after we have our own scale? Practically, we can use this to determine the value of paintings. Here are the steps on how to use value scales.

1.    When we draw an object, hold the scale beside the object.

2.    Then, squint your eyes and pick the shades of gray which suits the most.

3.    Consider the value of drawing.

4.    Continue creating as many values as you can.

5.    This can also help us to find the original color of the object without any light or shadow.

Most importantly, the value scale generates the illusion of light. It can create the drawing more dimensional. Technically, we can’t see the illusion of drawing if there is no light source.

Designing Tips:

  • Using different fonts in the same words and see how they are different tones.
  • Be sure element is properly aligned, the text reads, quite a contrast.
  • Apply color to your image as a block of color in your design for consistency.
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