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Fraction Chart 1-100

Fraction Chart 1-100 via


What Is A Fraction Chart?

Student will start to learn fraction when they go to the primary school. They will start to learn from the easiest to the most difficult fraction based on the level of education. In this case, either parents or teachers will need a fraction chart to help the students learn about it. However, a fraction chart is usually made from a piece of thick carboard. It should be large enough so it can be put up on the wall.

How Do I Make A Fraction Chart?

It's not difficult to make a fraction chart by yourself. But, you will need a piece of thick cardboard first or plywood. Follow these rules to make your own fraction charts:

1. You'll need a lot of strips in this case to represent the fraction. So, cut a paper in a small size to make it. 

2. Suppose the first strip represent one.

3. Divide the next strip into two equal shapes and mark the fractions then divide the next strip into three equal partys and also mark the fractions.

4. Repeat the pattern untill all the strips are divided into smaller fractions.

5. Now, use the strips to represent the fraction.

6. You're going to place it on the thick cardoard but, it will depends on what fraction you're going to taught to the students. 

Fraction Decimal Chart Printable

Fraction Decimal Chart Printable via

Fractions into Decimals Conversion Chart

Fractions into Decimals Conversion Chart via

Fraction to Decimal Chart Printable Worksheet

Fraction to Decimal Chart Printable Worksheet via


Can I Get Free Fraction Charts?

Yes, you can get free fraction charts. There are some websites that providing free fraction charts for anyone. For the example: Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, Helping with Math. Those have websites where you can download free fraction charts.

How To Download Fraction Charts?

You can simply go to the websites that mentioned above. Be careful when you have landed on the websites because sometimes it's difficult to find the download button. Every website has their own rules to download fraction charts.

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