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Date   19 Nov 2013
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Hidden Meaning Word Puzzles

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Is Hidden Words Puzzles Something Fun?

We can say that the answer to this question is yes. This game has already existed for so long. It even started decades ago when the Internet wasn't found. Kids often play this game and become challenged when they can’t find the hidden words. However, as time goes by, this game is not just for kids but also for adults. A study once said that playing hidden words puzzles is good for the brain. It can help the elders to maintain their brainwork. So, playing a hidden words puzzle is not only fun but also useful.

How Do I Search A Word In Puzzle?

It might be a little bit tricky at first, but there is a certain way to find a hidden word in a puzzle. If you want to win this game, take a look at these tips below. Perhaps, it will help you find the hidden words that will make you win the game. Check it out:

1.       The first thing you should do is scanning. Scan up and down each column. Repeat it and make sure you see all the words at a glance. This will help you find the first letter of a word.

2.       Try to use a pen, pencil, or your finger to help guide your search.

3.       Make sure there is a highlighter or light colored pencil around you. You will need this tool to mark the words that you find.

4.       Another trick to make your search easier is to look at uncommon letters in a word such as Q, X, Y, Z. It can help you find the missing words easily.

5.       Don’t forget to cross off the words when you find them. Just to make sure it won’t give you another problem when you try to find another hidden word in a puzzle.

Hidden Word Puzzles

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 Christian Word Search Puzzles

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Find Hidden Objects Puzzles Printable

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Find Hidden Objects Puzzles Printable

Find Hidden Objects Puzzles Printable via


What Is The Hardest Word Search In The World?

This is not a joke. This game has been very difficult. It took days and weeks to find this hidden word. Many people have tried to find it in the puzzle but they cannot do it. So, what is it? What is the hardest word search in the world?

The answer is DOG. Yes, the hardest word search in the world is dog. Many people have lost this game when they need to find the word “dog”. But, there is a reason why they cannot find this word easily. It’s because the letters of D, O, and G look the same.  So, “dog” is a perfect combination that makes people go crazy trying to find it in a puzzle.

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