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Updated on Jan 18, 2023
By Printablee Team
Easy Summer Word Searches
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How do you find the word in word searches?

Games such as word searches somehow need a strategy if you deal with the hardest one. Basically, when you play a word search, all you have to do is scan. Here are some tips on scanning word searches to make them more effective.


  1. Start scanning each row

Look at each row from left and right. It will make you find the word that is in a horizontal line. Meanwhile, scanning through the bottom and the upper part will guide you to have the answer in a vertical line.


  1. Look at the strange letters

Instead of the common ones first, you can go with the letters that are rare to appear such as Q, X, J, or Z. It would be easier to mark your search list first rather than start with the vowel one.


  1. Stand out letter would be great to start

The stand-out letters such as O, D, and Q believed to be stand out more. These letters also make you fast in finding them.


  1. The pairs of letters would help you

By looking at the words with twin letters, you will easily spot them. Look at your list and make the word with pairs as a starter.


  1. Check on your surroundings

The answer commonly exists and are close to each other. By looking at the surroundings, it guides you to find other answers.


  1. Using a tool to scan

Utilizing the tool will help you to stay focused on the letters in front of you. Scan with a finger, pen, and pencil can guide you in finding the answer rather than only scanning with your eyes.


What skills do word searches develop?

The cognitive game such as word search must come up with benefits for the player. Aside from developing word recognition, this game has other advantages for those who play the game. Let's get to the details!

It makes you learn the context clues. This kind of game commonly come up with the theme alongside. It will help you expect to find similar words. On the other hand, if you provide the word search with the picture as the clues, it also leads you to figure out the context of the picture.

This brain game develops pattern recognition. During the play, you will find out the letter that following by the next letter. For kids, it will make them learn about discovery pattern that leads to fluency.

New vocabulary knowledge can be gained through this game. Due to the word-based game, you will find the words by connecting the letters. It makes you able to find new words and review them at the same time.

This is the type of game that you can learn and have fun at the same time. Once you start the puzzle solving, you will trigger to finish it. The fun thing is when you sometimes not realizing the word which is actually right in your eyes.  

There are some levels you can try on. If you are a very beginner, just start with the easiest level. It makes you used to it. After you already know how it works in practice, you can just move to challenge yourself at a higher level.

Easy Word Search Worksheets
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Easy Word Searches for Seniors
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What are the best word games for seniors?

Aging makes anyone experience having decreased capability to do something. The brain is a vital part of humans that should be trained even if you might already enter the senior phases. Playing word games could be fun yet good for the brain.

Boggle is a memory-based game which used to improve it. It is such a great game to play with friends and family. Boggle plays with the lettered dice to flip and mention the words out of it. This game is good to promote your creative and critical thinking. Besides, the vocabulary and cognitive function would be increased too.

Scrabble Twist involves the benefits of increasing brain function, memory, and mood. This is such a great game for keeping the senior's mental health. In this game, the player should spell out the words using a set of tiles. The stimulating word game such as Scrabble Twist will make the seniors mentally active while still also engaging their life quality.

Rhyming Ball sharpens the brain through a simple word form game. Besides, it also leads the player to have good thinking skills. This game is played after the first word is written on the ball and continues to throw to others with rhyme every word.

Scattegories involve creative thinking. The player should mention the items on the theme with the given letters. This kind of game would be great for seniors to remind them of learning context and thinking skills.

These games would take over the elderly people from monotonous while also keeping their brains in good functioning. Choose the one that you think will fit them. Let them enjoy their free time!

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