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Nov 17, 2022
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How do you make gratitude chains?

Crafts somehow also become a part of the Thanksgiving tradition. Include this fun activity into things that elevate the word “gratitude” through gratitude chains. It suits well for your kids and trains them to deliver each thing they gratitude for.

The first one you need to do is prepare the chains template. You can either go with DIY it or just buy the template. Add the tags of “I gratitude for….” Along with the blank space to write the gratitude words. Create some templates so it will be able to connect as a chain.

Let your kids reflect on the situation where they have a huge blessing. Ask your kids to write things they gratitude on the chain template. After all the templates are filled, combine each other using paper clips and hang them as thankful tree ornaments.

What can I sell on Thanksgiving?

As with many other commercial holidays, you can also create something to sell during Thanksgiving. If you are an art enthusiast, even a template can be good cash. Here are some options for you to try!

Crafting kit. Tons of choices you can choose for the crafting kit to construct. Go with the ones that are related to the celebration. It can be a turkey suncatcher, pumpkin bookmark, maple leaves headband, and more.

Decoration stuff. Start from banners, wreaths, place cards, thankful signs, turkey pop-up cards, and many more. If you are a crochet enthusiast, just go with the Gingerbread crochet doll to sell. Centerpiece such as an autumn tree, pumpkin miniature, and dried flowers sounds great too.

Photo booth props. Sell a set of photo booths with some signs referring to the celebration. Some words such as gobble gobble, thankful, turkey day, and I come for pie should be included.

Toys and games. For kids, toys such as turkey on magnets and play foods will be awesome. The toys' texture stimulates their fine motor skills. It was such a pleasure for toddlers for having the turkey personalized baby rattle. Ask your kids' names to be written there and let your kids be impressed with it!

What are some kid-friendly Thanksgiving drinks?

Thanksgiving commemoration not only deserves the festive food, but also the drinks. Grown-ups might crave wines. Then, you must serve the ones that are kid-friendly. Here are festive drinks for your kids to get along with.

Pumpkin juice with whipped cream turns out as a great combo. Add the sprinkle and make it funny! Rainbows ceres and M&M’s candies could be the greatest toppers.

Harvest Cider Punch uses the apple as the star. This recipe contains apple cider, cloves, apples, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg. Mix all the ingredients except the nutmeg. Boil, reduce heat, cover, and refrigerate. Pour into a mug and sprinkle with nutmeg.

Turkey Toe-Warmer might be the one your kids would love. It’s a mixture of vanilla ice cream, margarine, brown sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Blend all the ingredients and keep it frozen. Serve with hot water and scoop it up!

Printable Thanksgiving Writing Paper
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Thanksgiving Writing Paper
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Thanksgiving Printable Writing Paper for Kids
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Thanksgiving Writing Paper
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How do you craft a personalized turkey bulletin board?

November is a time for you to change the bulletin board in your class with a Thanksgiving theme. Instead of making everything by yourself, involving students’ participation is a great idea. Grab your things and start them right away!

  1. Decide on the theme first. Instead of going with Happy Thanksgiving tags, you can turn them into “Happy Turkey Day” sayings. Of course, you have to involve a turkey accent here. The turkey will be great as the centerpiece. Therefore, a medium size is required.

  2. Prepare the bulletin board components. Include a banner, board décor, printed sayings, and any embellishment linked to the thankful feast. Make it more fun by adding the separated turkey template.

  3. The items need to be in a blank template. So, the activity will start with coloring and continue with decorating. You can provide the kids with some common color palettes such as green, brown, red, and orange. Let the kids explore those colors while applying them to the decoration items.

  4. Place the board décor. While your students are coloring, it’s a chance to stick your board décor on the wall. The board décor will be used as the place of each item. Therefore, kids have to come forward to stick them.

  5. Instruct the kids to stick each item one by one and boom! The turkey bulletin board is done!


If you are teaching preschoolers, better use the bulletin board set. Instead of spending hours creating each item from the scratch, just use the ones that already gathered all items, and you only have to print it. Some sellers even include everything, so all you need to do is waiting the package ready. It’s easy yet convenient especially when you are ready for the last minute!

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