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Nov 10, 2022
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What things to prepare for the Thanksgiving feast?

Large dinners already become a tradition during Thanksgiving. Preparing a big feast for a special day is indeed not easy. Therefore, you have to perform with some plans behind it. If you need a reminder to prepare earlier, just check this out and get inspired!

Some traditional food might be a good choice to serve at dinnertime. You might cook things that are unusual or even only cook these for dinner. Then, reviewing the recipe is a must. After having some recipes in your hands, then you have to list the items to put in your grocery basket. List everything and double-check it. Check also the stock of your ingredients in case some of them are still in good condition and support cooking.

Go shopping with the list you have. Put on the things in your basket while also reviewing your list. Have a pen to give the sign in the list. It makes it easier to identify things you already take. Clean up your oven. The oven is probably the most important cooking tool at this moment. It would also make your dish taste fresher than it should.

Turkey become the main dish that must exist on the menu. Therefore, you have to deeply learn about this bird in terms of cooking it. If you are choosing frozen turkey, surprisingly it’s gonna takes time for melting.

Take out the stuffed part such as the heart, liver, gizzard, and neck. If you want a fresh turkey, then buying it at the nearest celebration is a mistake. Therefore, you can just pre-order it and ask to deliver it on the day

Don't forget to make some space on your fridge to make your food prep easier. Making lots of menus can make you pass out if you prepare them at one time. With a clean and large fridge, you are able to stock your dessert and serve it during the day.

Arrange your plan to set up the table. Setting up the table is such an important aspect to plan. With early planning, you’ll able to define things to place.

Make sure you list every need to nail the celebration!

How do you make turkey popcorn treats?

Thanksgiving is not about adult things only, but also the children. Celebrating Thanksgiving with your kids can also become the chance to introduce things about the celebration. Introduction with the foods is the best way to make it stuck in their mind. Making turkey popcorn looks good for kids' Thanksgiving to treat. If you are interested in this idea, just check this out and get inspired!                                                

Grab your materials such as the clear plastic gloves for the bag and the turkey’s facial ornaments template. A ribbon is needed to tie the bottom gloves and the embellishment at the same time. For the fillings, you can make them resemble turkey with M&M’s candies in yellow, red, chocolate, orange, and green. The popcorn is the star, and you can place it in the palm part.

Fill the gloves with the M&M candies first. The red ones will be the thumbs part. Continue with yellow, brown, orange, and green. Stuffed the popcorn into the palm part. Tie the glove hole with the ribbon. Glued the thumbs’ part to be the turkey’s beak. Stick the googly eyes on the left and right side along with the nose also. The turkey treat is ready to impress the children.

Place it on the charcuterie board with other treats. It’s kinda simple but indeed will impress the kids while looking at the looks.

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What menus to serve for Thanksgiving dinner?

Dinner with family indeed becomes the tradition that grows up with Thanksgiving celebration. People will race to host a large dinner stuffed with delicate menus to serve. While planning to prepare for dinner, you must be considering some menus as their role. Here are some simple menus you can try at home.

Go with the Grilled Citrus and Spice Turkey as the main menu. Serve a whole turkey with the spice of sea salt, peppercorns, dried thyme, rosemary, and crushed red pepper. Other ingredients you need are lemon, naval orange, olive oil, unsalted butter, and wood chips. Mix all of the ingredients except the butter and wood chips.

Rub the spice on the turkey and squeeze the lemon on the turkey. Oven it at room temperature for an hour. Melting your butter and brushing it while the turkey on the oven. Put the wood chips around the turkey. Wait until all is cooked and prepare the whole turkey that way.

For the starter, you can just go with the refreshing salad. Crispy Brussels Sprout Salad with Citrus Maple Vinaigrette looks good to try and sounds refreshing. Basically, you only have to make vinaigrette from orange juice, vinegar, lemon juice, mustard, maple syrup, and the oil to emulsify. The brussels sprout just has to be cooked in crispy tender and golden brown. Meanwhile, for the dessert, go with the ginger pumpkin pie with the mix the ginger in the pie crust and also the filling.

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