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Mar 13, 2023
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Happy Easter Inspirational Quotes
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To get some inspirational things quoted in mind, our memory and experience play important to be the 'main player' in keeping us inspired to live life. As if you were seeing and reading inspirational quotes, you might wonder how they can be a great hint for you to be kept. Some life experiences might also affect how you react to those quotes. To look deeper here's about experience and memory to read thoroughly.

What are Experience and Memory?

An experience is an event that has been experienced and felt by someone. It is a combination of smell, hearing, and experience that is stored in memory. Experiences can be something that happened a long time ago or happened recently.

Therefore, experience is closely related to memory. Memory is the ability to store, encode, remember, and retain information and experiences in the brain.

Is It Important to Make Memories?

Memory is important for human mental health, especially beautiful memory. This is also written in the book The Art of Making Memories by Meik Wiking. With a good memory, humans can strengthen their goals and identities to have good relationships.

Every day humans do various activities that form a strong memory in the brain. A mature person must find a way to make events into beautiful memory. An example is parents trying to create good memories with their children. Meanwhile, teenagers are trying to explore the world and get to know many people so they have to leave their parents.

However, humans have control over their memories, both bad and good memories. Humans can receive all the memories with details. On the other hand, humans can choose which memories they should remember and which memories should be forgotten. So, memory is one of the factors that can make humans happy. Therefore, memory has an important role in human life.

What is The Art of Giving Experiences and Memories?

Memory and experience are two related things. Both are important to human happiness. Therefore, you can create good memories and experiences for yourself and the people closest to you. You can give them experiences and memories that will never be forgotten.

In giving these beautiful experiences and memories, you can do some fun things with the people closest to you. If you want to give a beautiful experience and memory to the people closest to you, here we give you some ideas that you can try. By doing these, you will be able to feel the art of giving experiences and memories.

  1. Stargazing Together using A Telescope

    It is time for you to create beautiful experiences and memories by looking at stars through a telescope. You only need to come to the best location with a beautiful view of the sky at night with your closest person. There, you can see the beauty of the sky and stars.

  2. Watch The Concert

    For music lovers, concert tickets from favorite musicians are a meaningful gift. You can come to the concert with your closest person. For example, if your friend likes K-Pop so much, you can buy two tickets to their idol's concert. So, you can come together with your friends to the event.

    If you have limited funds, you can give them a vinyl record player. You can listen to music on the record player together while having a food party. This will be an interesting thing that you will not be able to forget.

  3. Ugly Face Photo

    This is something unique and funny among the many ideas to give experiences and memories. So, you only need to take pictures with your friends by showing your ugly faces. Then, print the photo. You will always remember this and you can laugh every time you remember that experience.

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Let's Get to Know The Process of Memory

To make a memory, there are three processes that must be carried out by the human brain.

  1. Encoding

    The information must enter a repository in the brain. Some information can be processed automatically, but other information requires extra effort. For information that is difficult to process, you have to do it in several ways, such as paying attention, processing levels, elaborating and using imagination.

    Attention has two types, namely divided attention and sustained attention. Meanwhile, the processing level consists of shallow, medium, and deep. The deep processing level is the processing level with the use of analysis. After that, the information will be recognized and labeled at the medium level. Furthermore, information will be interpreted and associated in a deep process.

    Elaboration processing is a collection of information that has many different relationships around brain stimuli. It gives a big role in the memory encoding process.

  2. Storage

    Memory encoding cannot determine the quality of the memory. Therefore, the memory must be stored after going through the coding stage. Therefore, the brains do a storage process to store all information in memory.

    Based on the theory made by Shiffrin and Atkinson, memory consists of two types of sensory memory. Both are short-term sensory memory and long-term sensory memory.

    Short-term sensory memory is capable of storing various information in its original sensory for a short period. This memory can only store information within 30 seconds. Meanwhile, long-term sensory memory is able to store various information for a longer time so it is permanent.

  3. Retrieval

    Retrieval is the process of recalling information stored in the brain. So, you can recall all the information you've ever gotten.

    There are two important factors that play a role in retrieval. Both are recall and recognition. The recall is the process of recalling information. Recognition is an introduction process in which a person must recognize some things that have been learned.

    Retrieval has several types. They are emotional memories, autobiographical memories, repressed memories, and memories of traumatic events. Compared to other types of memory, traumatic memories are much stronger and more accurate. In some psychological theories, humans tend to remember core information about trauma. Trauma gives an emotional effect so it only appears in the human subconscious mind.

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