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Updated on May 22, 2023
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Why is Career and Financial Management Important?

Today, managing a good career and money is an important skill that many people must have. The reason is, by managing money and the right career, success will be more easily achieved. Especially for adults, career and money management must be done properly. If career and money cannot be managed properly, there will be various complex problems faced by adults.

Of course, you don't want to experience other problems just because you can't manage your money and career properly, right? Therefore, you as an adult must be able to manage your career and finances to achieve long-term goals. Then, how to adulting like a pro for career and money management? Here, you will find the answer.

How Do You Plan The Right Career Management?

You must know the motivation from famous figures about how to be successful. You can get a lot of motivation by watching TED Talks or podcasts. However, how exactly do you manage the right career?

  1. Networking

    Networking is the most important thing you have to do to get a good career. With networking, you will find a lot of new knowledge and relations that can support your career or business. All the successful people or entrepreneurs you see today are people with many relations.

    You need to do networking with people who can give you knowledge related to your career. So, you can gain new insights related to how to do the right career planning. In addition, that person can give you recommendations to help you achieve a better reputation and career.

  2. Skills

    Not only networking, but you also have to keep upgrading your skills. Today, many people have good skills. If you don't want to lose in the career competition, make sure you always try to upgrade your skills according to the needs of the industry.

  3. Profile

    You should also regularly update your profile on LinkedIn or social media. Then, look for people who have the same job as you on social media. Send them a short message. It's the right way to get new relations.

How to Do Money Management for Adults?

Financial management for adults is crucial. The reason is, finances in adulthood are things that will determine everything, including your future in old age. Therefore, do some of these tips to be able to do proper financial planning.

  1. Budgeting

    First, you must make budget notes first. This is useful for knowing your income and spending money. With this budget, you can determine variables or needs that are not important.

  2. Debt

    If you have debts, don't forget to record all the debts you have. Then, choose the debt with the highest interest and pay that debt first. If a big debt has been paid off, you can start paying off small debts. Do it until all your debts are paid off.

  3. Emergency Fund

    Leave a few percent of your income for emergency funds. Save expenses within 3-6 months to build an emergency fund. This is important because you don't know what will happen in the future.

  4. Investment

    You also need to invest for your old age. Because you are still young, it is better to start investing now because you are still able to work or make money. Make sure you invest in safe and official investment places and products.

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These are Methods of Money Management

We have provided an explanation regarding how to adulting like a pro for career and money management. So, if you want to do financial planning, you can use one of these 5 methods.

  1. The 50/20/30 Method

    The first method of financial planning is 50/20/30. So, this method was created by Elizabeth Warren. As much as 50% of the money is for daily needs, 30% for desires, and 20% for investment.

  2. Envelope Method

    In this method, you have to divide your income into some parts and put them in envelopes. The number of envelopes can be adjusted according to your needs. Examples are envelopes for groceries, paying for house rent, health funds, paying utility bills, and so on.

  3. The 80/20 Method

    The 80/20 method is often referred to as the Pareto Principle. This method requires you to focus more on important things first. So, you have to set aside as much as 80% of your income for living expenses for one month. Then, 20% of your income should be kept as investments or savings.

  4. Jar Method

    The budget jar method is a financial planning method that requires you to divide your money into six jars. The essence of this method is not the jar, but the six parts that must to organize your finances. Quoted from Bustle, there are six things that must be included in this financial planning such as basic expenses, education, entertainment, big expenses, investments, and gifts.

  5. The Kakeibo Method

    This method is quite simple. Note the items you want to buy, how much money you have to save, and what steps need to be taken to achieve financial targets.

    Based on an explanation from CNBC, you also have to consider some things such as whether the items you want are really important at this time and whether there is money to buy it.

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