Printable Hard Word Searches For Adults

Jan 26, 2023
By Printablee
Printable Bible Word Search Puzzles for Kids
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How to make a word search difficult?

Word search is a part of the puzzle that make you solve it through the alphabet and words on the template. You might already know the word search that is used for kids learning.

Aside from that, the ones that are commonly used by adults also exist. This one needs to be at a difficult level. If you want to make one at a hard level, these ideas might inspire you.

Using the backward-placed and diagonal words. At the easy level, people can directly spot the words that are written horizontally, vertically, and forward. Elevating the word search to be backward and diagonal would make them struggle more.

Increasing the grid size but still using the same amount of words would make it difficult. With this, there are more random words than usual which makes people have to pay attention carefully to find one.

Put the words that are nearly written the same. This kind of way can make the sheet more complicated.

Make the word search harder with move out from the word puzzle and going with the number search. Instead of putting 26 characters in a grid, you can just go with 10 characters. It makes the sheet will be noisier to sort because too many words to define as the answer.

How do you play with a Wordle board game?

To make your kids engage with learning words, you might come up with stuff instead of using paper all the time. Using the Wordle game would be great as an option. Let's get to know how this game is work!

Wordle board game basically contains dice that have letters on them. So, to play this game, kids only have to roll the dice and mix with other ones to build words. To use this board game, can use as a medium to teach the kids the letters. Roll the dice and once it lands, ask the kids to guess the letter that just come out.

Constructing the word would be amazing to practice. Put the dice in the scramble. Mention a word that your kids should arrange from the dice and let them practice.

Complete the letters is also great for practicing. It will make them trace back their memories to complete the letter and build the complete words. This time, you have to arrange the incomplete words from the dice. Let the kids figure out the letters to fill in the blank space.

Printable Word Searches Puzzles for Adults
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Printable Word Searches Puzzles For Adults

Hard Word Searches for Adults
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Printable Word Searches Puzzles for Adults
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Hard Printable Word Search Puzzles for Adults
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Hard Printable Word Search
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Hard Word Search Puzzles
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How is a puzzle good for your brain?

If you are looking for perfect brain fitness, then the puzzle would be the right choice. This kind of game has great side effects on your brain. Not only kids, but seniors are also able to play the puzzle. It's just about the difficulty levels that you should work with. Let's see how the puzzle would be good for your brain!

  1. The puzzle helps your brain exercise.

The left and right sides of your brain have different functions. The left is used to control analytic and logical thinking, while the right side is for creativity. By playing puzzled, you help both your brain work and exercise.


  1. It is such a great tool to improve your memory

Puzzles connected with the brain cell and form new ones. This kind of phenomenon possibly happens when you are playing with puzzles, especially short-term memory.


  1. Boost problem-solving skills

Your skills to solve problems and critically thinking are really important in life. Those skills can be improved only by playing puzzles.


  1. Make your mood better

The brain will increase the production of dopamine if you are playing a puzzle. This is the neurotransmitter that controls your mood, concentration, and memory.


Why do teachers give word searches?

You might already see the word searches that are used for kids learning. This is such an engaging tool for kids, especially for learning words. Word search also can be the greatest strategy to make them learn and practice reading skills which include scanning, decoding, and increasing word recognition. It leads them to master reading fluency.

Basically, the reason for word search throwing in educational fields is because it's quite engaging and improves their vocabulary skills. It also makes them into word recognition and supports learning context with clues.

The cognitive challenge that the kids would receive is also affected by their spelling. Word search builds cognitive challenges that influence their spelling skills. Providing the words in pleasantly formatted, makes the kids feel motivated to build their vocabulary knowledge.

For all those reasons, no wonder teachers often share word search as a learning tool. This engaging word search puzzle definitely should be applied to your classroom. Pick the template and try it right away on your students. Let's see how it's gonna work.

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