Printable Sun Patterns

Sep 16, 2011
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Printable Sun Patterns

Printable Sun Patterns

Printable Sun Pattern
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What is called a pattern?

The pattern is used in various lines of education. In mathematics, the pattern is used to study structure. In art, patterns are used to draw so that they can be processed into parts of many objects. Look at your surroundings. There must be an object that has one repetitive design on that object, that is what is meant as a pattern. The pattern has many types and shapes. For beginners, you can start with a simple and easy pattern.

What are simple patterns?

Simple patterns are patterns that are easy to make. Like a natural pattern that contains spirals, waves, foams, tilings, and more. Apart from natural patterns, you can create simple patterns by choosing images that are easy to make over and over as a pattern. If you want to use basic shapes like in math, you can draw sky objects like stars, moon, and sun. But if you want to make natural patterns, you need to be patient during the process. Because natural patterns are very simple patterns. If it is not made in large quantities, it won't look like a pattern.

How do you draw sun patterns?

Making sun patterns is very easy if you know the original shape of the sun. Until now, the person who drew the sun had the same sun design, a circle. On the outer edge of the circle, people make many creations to describe the rays of light that the sun has. Look for sun reference images that don't have details that are difficult to draw. After that, start drawing your sun one by one. You can create it in different image sizes. Do draw the sun repeatedly so that it becomes sun patterns. When it becomes a pattern, you can give different colors to your sun patterns to make it look more attractive.

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What can I do with sun patterns?

After having the sun patterns you can make it into a dress design, wall decoration, decoration on the objects that you have, and also fun activities to do with children. You can give sun patterns to your child as an activity to hone creativity. The brains of children will respond to drawing patterns quickly because of repeated actions. There is a lot that can be done with sun patterns. Therefore you can prepare from now on because making sun patterns takes time. Start looking for the sun pictures right now.

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