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Updated on Jan 09, 2022
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Printable Primitive Crow Pattern
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What crow symbolize?

Bird-like crow belongs to the one that people are familiar with. You might first notice the appearance. Crow looks all the way black starting from the feather and even the beak is black. The thing that not everyone knows is the crow representation. Let’s get to the details!

When it comes to appearance, some people might think that crow is connected to dark magic or something. However, this creature actually has spiritual representation. Crow is representing the good omens. Crows are believed to bring positive symbols such as density, cleverness, change, mystery, adaptability, and more.

Seeing the dark side of crow, they actually omnivores that can eat anything. Crow often becomes farmers’ enemy due to stealing some harvest. A group of crows can be terrible. The omnivore action is kind of spooky because they sometimes fly around and eat other birds’ carrion. That’s why people often see the crow as darkness representative. However, it actually a good action to survive in food chains.

Those are the crow's meaning and the fact which you might mistake before. Share this fact with your friends and see how they react!

How do you introduce birds to kids?

Introducing kids to animals is a must. Some animals are divided into categories such as mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians. This part gonna go with the birds. Many kinds of bird species you can try to introduce to kids.

Therefore, you have to pick the tools. Using the worksheet will be a great learning tool to support bird knowledge. Check this out to know more!

Using the bird template along with its body part sounds interesting. Pick a type of bird that your kids might be familiar with. Eagle will be nice. Attach the eagle picture while also providing the vocabulary of the bird’s part. It can consist of eyes, beak, head, beak, wings, breasts, tail, and feet.

After they already master all of the vocabularies, you can jump to the blank worksheet that makes them write the name on each bird’s part.

Introducing the types of birds using flashcards sounds interesting too. You can choose the one that already has the color and bird's name in it. However, constructing the flashcard by yourself will be more fun. Take the kids to DIY the flashcard with you and let them participate in coloring the birds’ template.

To test the kids on how they memorize the types of birds so far, use the matching worksheet. So, you have to attach some types of birds that you already deliver to the kids. include the birds' names in the sheet too.

Instruct them to link the picture with appropriate vocabulary. Make the kids master the vocabulary through scrambling words too. In this worksheet, you can provide the birds' picture along with the scramble names and let the kids re-arrange them to be the right ones.

That’s how you can introduce the birds to the kids. Choose the style that you think the kids will engage in the most.

Crow Stencils Clip Art
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Bird Silhouettes Stencils Printable Free
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Bird Silhouette Printable Free
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Bird Silhouettes Stencils Printable Free
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Crow Template Clip Art
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Crow Silhouette Template Bird
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What nature craft you can create with kids?

While making the kids stay in touch with nature, you might come up with an activity to do outdoors. Tons of activities to choose from, including nature crafts. If you seek ideas of nature crafts to apply in your outdoors, just jump below to get insight!

Nature is always linked to plants and animals. Therefore, creating the craft from its combination sounds good to consider. This activity means you arrange for the kids to make any animal template using the plants. Take your kids outside and let them gather some dry leaves. You can help with preparing other materials such as the wooden skewer, googly eyes, glue, and even the small wooden cutouts.

Give an example of animals your kids can create. Making butterflies out of dry leaves as the wings sound good to consider. Use the wooden stick for the body part, meanwhile, the leaves will be the wings. Use googly eyes to make it stand out.

Constructing the nature template using real natural items will be awesome too. In this project, you can provide the tree along with its empty branches. Prepare real leaves and flowers, then let the kids stick each of them into the empty branches template. This project is kinda simple but elaborate kids with nature and art at the same time.

Those are the crafting activities that involve nature in the making process. Making nature crafting, makes kids get closer to nature while also forming art. Choose the one between those activities and let the kids enjoy it while crafting!

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