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Apr 25, 2023
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Insect Coloring Pages for Kids
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What Are The Bugs?

Bugs are insects that belong to the Hemiptera group. Bugs have sharp and pointed mouths. However, many people think that bugs are a group of scary insects. An example is the centipede which is a type of arthropod. That's not true because there are differences between bugs and arthropods.

Bugs vs. Insects: What's The Difference?

Many people think that bugs and insects are the same things. However, there is a difference between them. There are also some people who think that insect is a scientific term, while the bug is a non-formal term. However, the differences go deeper than that.

Insects and bugs are two groups of the animal kingdom in the context of science. So, all bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs. Actually, insects belong to the arthropod phylum. Some examples of these animals are the arachnid, Myriapoda, and crustacean groups. So, insects are a 'class' in the arthropod phylum.

However, insects are different from other animals in the arthropod group. So, insects have several types such as bees, stews, flies, and grasshoppers. All kinds of those animals are animals that we often see.

Meanwhile, bugs are the Hemiptera. The difference between bugs and insects is in the shape of the mouth. Bugs have mouths that are shaped like needles. The mouth is known as the proboscis.

Bugs use these mouths to suck plant juices or blood from other animals. In addition, bugs also have long wings and antennae.

If insects have 4 life stages, bugs only have 3 life stages. Those three stages are egg, nymph, and adult bug. So, bugs are animals that do imperfect metamorphosis.

Bugs also have a pair of specialized wings on their upper body. Most of the bugs have four wings. Well, true bugs don't have hind wings. However, bugs have unique colored and thick membranous wings. These special wings are connected to the bug's body.

Why Learning about Bugs is Important for Kids?

Because bugs have many unique things and are related to science, studying bugs is important for children. So, we will also explain the fascinating world of insects: why learning about bugs is important for kids.

  1. Kids Can Love Nature

    Children who learn about bugs will be able to learn about nature. The reason is, children will often see bug habitats so they can appreciate nature. If kids can love nature, they won't be afraid of bugs anymore.

    If kids see a bug, they're informed about the best action. An example is not stepping on the bug. It is the best action that needs to be taught to children.

  2. Kids Can Learn Science

    When children learn about bugs, they will learn science in a fun way. So, bugs will help kids to learn endless concepts.

  3. Kids Can Be Smarter

    Children can become smarter when they not only learn something in theory but also through direct practice. By learning about bugs, children will do a lot of outdoor activities and handle bugs. They also become more skilled at using binoculars, nets, and insect traps.

Printable Bug Coloring Pages
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Printable Bug Coloring Pages
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Printable Insects Coloring Pages for Kids
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What are The Most Unique Bugs and Insects in The World?

In discussing the fascinating world of insects: why learning about bugs is important for kids, it's incomplete if we don't discuss the bugs and insects in the world. The reason is, there are various types of unique bugs and insects. What are they?

  1. Honey Ants

    Unlike most other types of ants, honey ants have a strange body shape. This animal has a large transparent pouch on its stomach. Well, that is used to store the honey they consume.

  2. Giraffe Beetle

    This beetle has a long neck so it is called a giraffe beetle. The neck can be extended again when the beetle is facing its enemy. You can find this beetle in the Madagascar region.

  3. Flower Grasshopper

    This grasshopper has a beautiful wing shape compared to other types of grasshoppers that we know. This grasshopper has a habitat in flowers, so the grasshopper must camouflage to trick its prey. There are unique flower-like patterns and colors on the wings of the grasshopper. It makes the grasshopper look very beautiful.

  4. Titan Beetle

    It is called a titan beetle because of its very large body size. The size is larger than other types of beetles. This beetle can be up to 16 cm long. Its size can be larger than the Hercules beetle, the world's largest beetle.

    In addition, the titan beetle also has strong jaws. In fact, the jaws can be used to split a pencil into two halves. Therefore, you should not handle this beetle carelessly so you don't get hurt.

  5. Leafhoppers

    This is a unique type of insect because there are many colors on the leafhopper's body. These insects are called leafhoppers because they live on leaves. Leafhoppers can be 15 millimeters long.

  6. Panda Ants

    This ant has a color like a panda. Its head is white and its body is black with a white pattern. However, behind the adorable color, this panda ant has a painful sting. So, the black and white colors are used as a weapon to sting predators.

    Actually, panda ants are not included in the ant group. This animal is a bee that has an ant-like shape. They belong to the Mutilidae family.

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