Printable 1st Grade Sight Words

Oct 25, 2022
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Printable Sight Word Flash Cards
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What are some sight word games I can apply to kids?

Teaching sight word to kids is like reminding them only. However, it’s not a reason to set the learning in such a boring template. Apply sight word games to turn the learning into an effective way.

Involving the crafting in sight word learning is such a great idea. Prepare the crown template with the sight word on it and tell the kids to make the crown out of it. Done with the crown, ask them to wear it while also gathering around with their friends to see each other words then mention it aloud.

Constructing the sentence sounds to be a good idea. List the words and put them in the sticky notes. Stick around the classroom and let the kids find it. Instruct them to make the sentence out of it.

Creating your own word game will make the kids have fun. This game makes the kids connect each word to a sentence through Lego blocks. All you need to do is write the sight words on each Lego block and instruct the kids on how they can play it.

The sight word learning is possible to do outside too. Using the hopscotch template, let the kids have fun while jumping on each block.

Select the ones to apply in your class and let the kids engage with your teaching!

What to involve in the 1st-grade sight words worksheet?

When it comes to sight word learning for the 1st graders, it really works with the worksheet. Therefore, you need to construct the activities to put on the sheet. Let’s check this out to see what you can place on the 1st graders' sight word worksheet!

Involve the coloring in your worksheet. Let the kids color the bubble sight words as they wish. Make them read aloud while coloring. Trace the words used to train the kids on how to write the sight words.

Place this worksheet style will remind them of writing practice. Provide some sentences that are linked to the sight words you’ve taught. Then, instruct them to read aloud.

Color by sight words sounds interesting too. In this worksheet, kids should match the words and the color code provided. All they need to do is just copy-paste the color.

Fill-in-the-blank words suit well if the kids already memorize each sight words you teach. Basically, the kids have to complete the blank space with the right words.

Choose some of the styles you think suit well to your students and let them have fun learning!

Printable Sight Words List
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How do you make kids practice the alphabet?

Teaching the alphabet is no wonder to skip. Make the kids engage with alphabet learning by constructing the learning practice in fun ways. If you seek fun practice for the students, just check this out and get inspired!

Make the kids write it on other surfaces instead of just paper more and more. Use the rock or large dried beans for letting them write the alphabet in upper and lower case.

Include the learning alphabet through the media that can develop their motor skill. Go with the shaving cream and let them write their own initial letter with the upper and lower case on it.

Creating the letters sensory bags sounds good to try on. All you need to prepare are the raw rice, a zip lock bag, and the alphabet dice. Put on the dice and the raw rice into the bag. Let the kids find each letter and write them down.

Playing the songs about the alphabet will make the kids have fun while also making each letter keep in their minds better. Making the song a game will be more interesting. Use the magnetic letters and write them on the index card. Play the music and let the kids name the things that use those alphabets.

Using alphabet puzzle allow kids to memorize the alphabet while also boosting their problem-solving skill. Have a puzzle alphabet worksheet and let them cut and paste to have a whole alphabet shape.

Take the kids to walk around and learn about nature. Let them take the leaves or flowers and ask to build the alphabet out of them. the branches, stones, wood, and sand can work for this activity too.

Those are how you can teach the kids the alphabet in fun ways. You can select the ones that suit well with your students or kids. Make it more interesting by elaborating your ideas with the learning style.

The most important is the engaging aspect. Let the kids evaluate your teaching after learning to see how they respond to your style.

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