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Jun 22, 2009
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What is meant by crossword puzzle?

Crossword puzzle refers to a puzzle that contains boxes, numbers inside the boxes, and the questions. The questions are divided based on the direction, which are horizontal and vertical. Some crossword puzzles have a specific theme. We can see the example, including prayer crossword puzzle. There are numbers attached in every question. The boxes also have numbers inside, specifically where the answer of the certain question starts. The boxes should be filled one by one with the letters of the answers. If someone needs to answer question number 1 in vertical direction, they are required to fill the box starting from number 1 with the first letter of the answer. If the amount of the provided box doesn't match the total of the letter, it means our answer is wrong.

Is it good to do crossword puzzles?

Yes, it is. There are so many beneficial things that we will get when we start to play crossword puzzles. Here are the advantages of playing crossword puzzle:
1.    Develops vocabulary
The main type of the answer of a crossword puzzle is a one defined term or word. The questions are actually just an elaboration or the definition of the answer. When we want to answer the puzzle, it's easier when we have an adequate amount of vocabulary. So, when we're motivated to fill the answers on the boxes, we will learn various words first. This will enrich lexicons we have.
2.    Relieves stress
When we focus on finding the answer of the prayer crossword puzzle, we actually struggle to keep ourselves mindful. Mindfulness requires us to find a stable and peaceful state. This allows us to avoid noises or any distraction. So, the stress is reduced.
3.    Enhances mental health
Crossword puzzle requires our brain to be trained. When solving crossword puzzle continuously, the cells of the brain are activated. This can lead our brain to be able to think creatively. This also makes our cognitive skills improved.
4.    Extinguishes brain problems
Researchers discover that puzzles are beneficial for people with Dementia and Alzheimer's. Brain teasers like crossword puzzle actually a good device for exercising our brain. In other terms, this is a workout routine for the brain. When we solve crossword puzzle, we are required to memorize things. This activity trains our brain and prevents us from Dementia.

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How do you solve a crossword puzzle for beginners?

When we decide to tease our brain, the level can't be on the advanced phase. So, we need to level up gradually, if we are beginner, here are some tips for solving crossword puzzle:
1.    Use pencil
To fill the letters inside the box, a pencil is the best option. We may find this incorrect when it comes to attempting to answer. By using pencil, we can undo our answers easily.
2.    Stick to the one source
If we want to start solving crossword puzzle from a newspaper, be loyal to a certain newspaper. It's because they have an editorial pattern that is typical in each crossword puzzle they have launched. So, it'll be easier for us to solve the next edition of the crossword puzzle.
3.    Associate the answer with the theme
As we've mentioned before, some crossword puzzle have a theme. If we are flustered to solve the rest of the questions, we can seek the vocabulary that is related to the theme so that the boxes can be filled correctly.
4.    Pick the words with few letters
Words with few letters commonly appear in a form of frequent words. So, we can predict and answer it with the familiar words. When the answer is correct, it opens the other probability of finding the right answers.

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