Monthly Bill Log Printable

Jul 14, 2022
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Printable Monthly Bill Log
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How can you teach kids with money?

Money management is always important. That’s why teaching your kids with money so they can be wise in spending later. For the kids, you can start with the things that are simple to do. If you look for ways to teach the kids with money, just go straight on and get inspired!

Teach the kids to save their money. You can use the leftover transparent jar for saving. DIY it with the water bottle sounds to be a nice activity. Cut the water bottle and make it looks like a jar. Cover the top with paper and give the hole to insert the money.

Become an example for your kids in saving money. Kids always copy what is in front of them. It is such an opportunity for you to be a great role in routine saving. Teaching them to have a saving habit every week sounds nice.

Let the kids participate in paying for something. When going to the grocery store, you can ask the kids to take the money based on the things cost. Make them count and give them to the cashier.

Show the kids choose to spend their money. You can give them the option of whether they can buy a toy or a pencil color. Just let them keep in mind that they are only able to choose one.

Don’t let your kids become impulsive buyers. It is a common case for kids to always attract to something cute. If they ask to buy the thing, don’t just let them take it. Give the kids a challenge and then it becomes the gift.

Those are how you can make the kids wiser with money. Try it on with your kids and see how they can grow with it!

How to fill out the monthly bill tracker?

In order to manage your finances to be better, you just need a bill tracker to know how much you spend in a month. It is such a great move if you can stick with it all the time. Let’s dive right in about the monthly bill tracker!

Before jumping to fill the tracker, you need to set the categories on your bill tracker. The categories can be your income, bill, amount, due date, and paid. Insert all your income. You can count all the income including the passive one.

For the bill, list all your bill in detail. You can breakdown into household needs, personal needs, savings, credit card bills, and so on. Let’s jump to the amount of your bill. Attach the details of your bill amount so you won’t miss it. Make sure you put it in the right category.

 Attaching the due date to your tracker is also important. If you are feeling comfy with all paper-based, then the due date list will help you a lot. It makes you more disciplined with your bill payment. Have the list of paid which supposed you to give the sign. Using this detail makes it easier to identify in tracking your outcome.

That’s how you can fill the monthly tracker along with the categories to put on. Start to make the template by yourself or just search for it on your search engine then choose the one that fits you the most.

Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log
Pin It!   Printable Monthly Bill Payment Logdownload
Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log
Pin It!   Printable Monthly Bill Payment Logdownload
Printable Bill Payment Log
Pin It!   Printable Bill Payment Logdownload
Printable Monthly Bill Chart
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What should I put in the spending category?

Financial freedom is such a dream for everyone. Lead your way to financial freedom by starting with small things such as managing your spending. That’s why a spending categories sheet is needed. Let’s jump to the details!

Breakdown your spending is an important part of managing your income. Therefore, you need to review your habit and list the things that become your needs.

The categories of your spending can be divided into food, housing, healthcare, insurance, membership or service, utilities, personal supplies, children's needs, giving, fun spending, taxes, debt, and more.

Let’s jump to the category’s details. For the foods, you might be including groceries, fast food, restaurant, work meals, lunch boxes, and coffee. Meanwhile, housing consists of rent payments, property taxes, home insurance, maintenance, and so on.

Jump to healthcare which is also the thing you must pay attention to. It can consist of a dental visit, prescriptions, mental health visits, and so on.

Insurance is kinda important nowadays. The insurance spending can be health, personal properties, automotive, long-term insurance, kids’ needs, and many more.

Continue with membership and service, you might become a member active of the gym, house cleaning service, magazine, music, TV streaming, software, and many more.

Utilities include electricity, gas, phone, Wi-Fi, water, trash, recycling, and so on. Personal supplies are crucial to list too. It can consist of bath items, skincare, makeup, hair care, nail care, and more.

Talk about the children's needs, you have to break them down into some parts too. This can include care, school supplies, vitamins, toys, and so on. Giving categories include the place you will share or donate. Church and charities are included. Fun spending could be important too.

After spending your time mostly at work, arranging the holiday or anything that entertains you is allowed. Include your holiday planning, cinema, events, concerts, and more.

Those are what you can put on spending categories. Before jumping to make your own list, make sure to review your habit first, so you can get inspired from above while also customizing with your own.

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