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May 22, 2023
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LDS Word Search Puzzles
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As an alternative for preparing a good activity during the church community events or services, you may want to take a look at some religious word searches that can be used as a gameplay or ice-breaker. The LDS word search or Sunday school activity can be a good one to play for all ages.

To look further across the beliefs, here are some bits you may want to know about the LDS perspective.

What is the LDS Church and its Core Beliefs?

A collection of people who work hard to protect and serve Jesus Christ's teachings is known as the LDS Church. They place a high priority on starting families, going to school, and living satisfying lives. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is also known as the Mormon Church or the LDS Church. It is a Christian denomination that a man by the name of Joseph Smith founded in the United States in the early 19th century.

Young Joseph Smith grew up in a little community in New York. He was interested in religion and had many queries regarding Jesus Christ and God. He once had a vision of both God the Father and Jesus Christ when he was praying in a forest. He was informed that he had been chosen to serve as a prophet and that he was to bring back the original church of Jesus Christ to the planet.

Over time, God revealed and taught more things to Joseph Smith. He recorded them in the Book of Mormon, which is regarded as a further testament of Jesus Christ. The LDS Church shares many of the same beliefs as other Christian religions, including the value of loving and helping others, acting with honesty and kindness, and adhering to Jesus Christ's teachings. However, the LDS Church stands out because of a few distinctive doctrines.

According to the LDS Church, God still communicates with prophets and apostles today. They both agree that families are significant and place a great emphasis on family history and genealogy. The LDS Church also believes that God still communicates with living prophets and apostles today. These prophets serve as the church's leaders and help the congregation's members understand God's purpose for their lives. The current prophet of the LDS Church is Russell M. Nelson.

The LDS Church is renowned for its missionary effort, in which members urge people to learn more about Jesus Christ by sharing their views with them. Additionally, they place a high value on education and exhort their followers to keep learning all their lives.

What scripture is being used by the LDS Church?

Similar to many other Christian religions, the LDS Church regards the Bible as a sacred book. The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price are just a few of the other scriptures that the LDS Church holds as authoritative.

A group of Israelites traveled to the Americas in 600 BC, according to the Book of Mormon, which is regarded as another testament of Jesus Christ. Throughout the book, Jesus' teachings are given with tales of salvation, penitence, and faith. The Book of Mormon is a supplement to the Bible that serves to clarify some of its concepts, according to LDS Church teaching.

A compilation of revelations that Joseph Smith and other church leaders received is known as the Doctrine and Covenants. The LDS Church regards these revelations as scripture because they offer direction and guidance to the church and its followers.

To help its people grow spiritually, the LDS Church also uses songs, manuals, and other materials. The church encourages its members to pray for and receive personal revelation from God, read the Bible, and study it.

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Prophets and apostles

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints respects modern prophets and apostles. God chooses these persons to head the church and help its members understand God's plans for their lives.

Russell M. Nelson is the current prophet of the LDS Church, having been called to this role in 2018. As a prophet, he is considered God's earthly mouthpiece, receiving insights and direction from Him.

In the LDS Church, the twelve apostles act as remarkable witnesses of Jesus Christ. They have been chosen to head the church and act as witnesses for Him. These apostles are also called prophets, seers, and revelators because they receive revelation from God to assist in directing the church.

Additionally, there are other leaders in the LDS Church who are called to fill different positions, like in the Seventies. These leaders work together to assist the church's operations and the spiritual growth of its members.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the LDS Church is its belief in continuous revelation. This shows that God continues to convey His will to His earthly offspring through modern-day prophets and apostles. This belief is based on the idea that God loves His children and longs to guide them in their lives.

How does the LDS Church view God?

According to LDS Church doctrine, God is a loving, personable entity who cares about the lives of His children. He is interested in having each of us come back to live with Him after this life since He knows us all individually. God created the planet and everything on it, including humans, according to the LDS doctrine.

According to LDS Church doctrine, Jesus Christ is not only our Savior and Redeemer but also the Son of God. They hold that we can be cleansed of our sins via His Atonement and go back to dwell with God after this life. The Holy Ghost, a spirit that provides us with direction, solace, and direct revelation from God, may be present with us.

The idea that humans have the capacity to resemble God is one distinctive feature of the LDS Church's conception of the divine. Exaltation, often known as everlasting life, is a doctrine that holds that we can continue to grow and improve after this life until we resemble God. This conviction is founded on the notion that since we are all God's offspring, we have the capacity to inherit whatever He possesses.

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