Grey Gift Tag Halloween Printables

Jul 27, 2021
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Where can we use the grey gift tag for Halloween?

In most cases, people use the grey gift tag on the Halloween treats box. Especially when the treat box is also grey or has a vampire's face on it, they are a perfect match. You can see the tags are hung while you're sending them out through the mailman.

You can use the grey gift tag for a bag tag too, as you will write down your name and address. For an extra party, the gift tags can be for a snack bag, with the names of your guests. Give a more personalize party decoration with the gift tags if you want a new fresh theme for next year's Halloween.

How to get the grey gift tag for Halloween?

  • Free printable
  • Buy in bundle


Indeed, there are only 2 ways to get the Halloween grey gift tag. Your visit here leads you to get free printables. Not only that, but you can also print the templates right away. There is no limited time to get one too. All you need is cardstock paper for printing the gift tags.

On the internet, you might find the tags are sold online in a bundle including the twine and have been cut. It will be useful if you don't have a printer and find a reasonable price.

What do we need to complete the grey gift tag for Halloween?

1. Sweet Halloween treats

Gifts in the Halloween season are candy and chocolate. You can also fill the food bags with popcorns and has the grey gift tag on them. The gift tag doesn't always with names of the recipients, right? You can simply choose the "Happy Halloween" grey tags.

2. String

To attach the gift tags, you need strings to tie the tags on the gift box and such. It is rare to find the grey gift tags in stickers. But, if you want to print them that way, you are free to do so.

3. Stickers

There are a lot of cute stickers you can add to the grey gift tags. You can stick with Halloween characters like pumpkin, ghost, tombstone, and so on.

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What characters suit with the grey gift tag Halloween?

Having a grey gift tag Halloween doesn't mean that you can't add other characters. Halloween, as you can see, is always dark and mysterious. 


Drawing bats, people usually give them black skin as they are in the reality. Grey has a relation with monochrome color schemes, as it is a mix of white and black.


Vampires have pale skin color, which is obviously different than humans. Their faces are a good match with grey on the gift tags.


In fact, you can see the moon in full view because of the sun's rays. As a result, we see it as grey from the land.

Should tiny ribbons be used when decorating tags with tiny holes?

The fact that the gift tag holes are so tiny does not require us to hang them with thin ribbons. The usage of wide ribbons to suspend the present tags in this instance is quite gorgeous. There isn't any tying necessary.

The broad ribbons act as stoppers, locking the present tags pretty well in place and preventing them from slipping down. They undoubtedly raise the level of elegance of simple gift bags.

The guests will experience the feeling of having won the golden prize. If you're considering putting your favors in gift bags, this one is unquestionably the winner and worth a shot.

Which kind of paper works best for labels?

White Gloss Paper with its substance offers the best sheet. Gloss labels are a low-cost option for labeling and provide bright colors. Glossy labels help your products stand out on store shelves. White Semi-Gloss Paper is popular for usage indoors and is highly economical. Therefore, using one of these papers for the Halloween label seems a good choice.

How to make decorative wooden laundry pegs?

Gift tags look nice next to wooden laundry pegs. They add to the country garden theme and have a rustic appearance.

So instead of using tie ribbons to hang your present tags, use wooden laundry pegs.

Before using any pegs, make sure you test them to ensure a secure hold. Simply slide a sheet of paper between the grips and flail it around.

That peg is capable of doing its function if the paper somehow doesn't fly off.

Girls adore hanging gift tags on little potted plants using it. Burlap can be used to give the pots a more cozy aspect, making it appear as though you just plucked them from the garden.

How to use phantom presence to fright Halloween guests at night?

Maintain ghostly personas with the help of this clever reflection. On the reverse of a piece of frosted window film, sketch a figure.

Use an X-Acto knife to snip out the silhouette, including its eyes and lips. Smooth the film onto a mirror as you apply it.

How to decorate Halloween lantern post sign?

This Halloween, there is absolutely no better method to mimic the famous Macbeth quote than with a homemade signpost.

Black and orange stripes and a fake bird-watching guard at the top keep these things themed.

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