DIY Printable Halloween Banner

Aug 06, 2021
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DIY Halloween Banner
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Why do people make DIY on Halloween?

Taking an action in everyday life certainly always has a comparison so that you will find its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take the case form making DIY. This DIY activity will actually have a maximum positive impact if it is used at the right moment. One of the moments that everyone eagerly awaits every year is Halloween. On Halloween day, DIY is one of the right activities to do and can achieve maximum results because it can be placed at the moment.

Is making DIY cheaper than buying stuff for Halloween?

Making DIY consists of a variety of different reasons. This is also quite relative because everyone's background is different. If you want to do a comparison on DIY and products sold and the equation is the same type of product for Halloween, you may need a detailed analysis. However, the easiest and most obvious point is that DIY can be produced at a lower cost. Many people underestimate something made with DIY because it seems cheap. But some DIYs can rival even better than factory-made products.

What kind of stuff can be made for DIY Halloween?

There are various kinds of stuff that are made through the DIY process. On Halloween day, which is filled with creativity and also different objects from normal days, you can make all the decorations, all the properties using DIY. The important point of DIY is to take advantage of the objects around you and make it something new and useful at a certain moment. For example, you can have a Halloween banner with the DY process. The Halloween banner is one of the main properties of the celebration. If you pay attention to the details, almost all Halloween celebrations always use banners. Banners have the right function to attract public attention. It will be greater if you make something unique to the banner through DIY.

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How to find a DIY Halloween tutorial banner?

After finding out that DIY Halloween is quite useful in making stuff such as banners, you might want to know how or tutorials do DIY Halloween banners. You can have a seat to take a look on the internet. There are many video tutorials scattered on the internet and you can make a reference for making DIY Halloween Banner. Make sure you use the right keywords for the tutorial. The good keywords will lead you to the search results you need.

Using scrapbook paper, how do you create a DIY Halloween banner?

Learn how to make your own DIY Halloween banner with burlap ribbon, scrapbook paper, and other craft supplies.

Every year, it's enjoyable and exciting to decorate the fireplace mantel for the holidays. Halloween is without exception, but depending on the scrapbook material you use, this specific project can be readily modified to blend into any occasion!

Halloween costumes typically have a combination of the black, vivid orange, fluorescent green, and wacky purple. In order to give this scrapbook paper Halloween banner a somewhat neutral, nearly farmhouse feel, you can make this craft with the touch of subdued orange, dirty white, black, and burlap.

Therefore, use this technique to create your personal DIY Halloween banner for home fireplace decor.

Tools that will be needed:

  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • pennant
  • mod Podge Supplies
  • 10 scrapbooking pages
  • 5 pieces of leftover fabric



  1. Put the design side of the scrapbook paper down and use a pencil to trace your pennant form there.

  2. Scrapbook paper should be cut into a triangle pennant shape.

  3. Apply mod podge to the pennant backing before adhering to the triangle-shaped scrapbook paper piece. Use a little coating, but completely envelop the pennant.

  4. Give the mod podge time to dry thoroughly.

  5. The fabric leftovers should be cut into strips of the necessary length.

  6. Connect your pennants by tying the rag ribbons.


Where should the Halloween banner be displayed?

This adorable banner is perfect for displaying in various locations around your house! Given their adaptability, you can hang it on:

  • the mantel of your fireplace
  • ahead of a door opening
  • above the cabinets
  • above a window's top
  • as a joyful pop, hung on a gallery wall.


Make them with your imagination and have fun using them to decorate your spaces!

What kinds of fabric remnants work best for the banner?

You can use these additional suggestions to ensure that the banner you construct from fabric remnants turns out nicely.

Use discarded pieces of rustic fabric like burlap ribbon and twine if you want to achieve a farmhouse impression. The best part about this handicraft is that it will look gorgeous no matter the fabric scraps you use.

You can also add some more handmade touch by using a stencil template to be printed on your banner. Makes use of the characters, alphabets in scary letterings, and many more.

Take your kids into this activity! You can provide paint and cutout templates for them while you use spray paint.

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