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Apr 01, 2022
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Coloring Easter Bunny Paper Crafts
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The spring is here, you’ll know what is coming next. As the decoration of the convenience store is changing into pastel colors, the stock of eggs seems triple and there are the artificial ones too. Easter is coming in weeks and it’s time to teach your kids new shapes of bunny crafts.

Easter Bunny Crafts Ideas

Let’s create some of Easter Bunny Craft for Kids!

  1. Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft

What you need:

  • Paper plate
  • Construction Paper
  • Strong Glue
  • A pair of scissors

The steps:

  1. On the table, place a paper plate and some Elmers glue.
  2. Cut out the parts that will go on the paper plate.
  3. The following construction paper components are:
  • 2 eyes (circle) (circle)
  • 2 sets of three whiskers in sizes small, medium, and big (rectangle)
  • 2 rabbit ears (oval)
  • 1 rabbit nose (triangle)
  1. Place them on the table as well.
  2. Next, glue the pieces onto a paper plate to make a rabbit paper plate project!

2. Carrot Patch Easter Bunny Craft

Every bunny knows that bunnies absolutely love carrots. This craft giving a picture of rabbit that going down the bunny trail to finally find a trove of carrots out of the ground at the end of the line. Then the cute rabbit digs his way through the patch, picking the tastiest carrots. What carrot will the rabbit choose first?

What you need:

  • Bunny Template
  • Cardstock (green, brown, blue, white, pink, orange)
  • Green tissue paper
  • 1" hole punch
  • Medium googly eyes
  • Black pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

The Steps:

  1. Start by printing the bunny template provided.
  2. On white cardboard, trace the face and two ears. Remove it. On pink cardboard, trace two inner ears and a bunny nose. Remove it.
  3. Put all of the parts together. Attach googly eyes as well. Draw a face as well; however, it will be hidden. For whiskers, cut 6 thin, long rectangles from white paper and glue them in place. Attach the rabbit face to the bottom of a blue cardstock sheet.
  4. Half a sheet of green cardstock Toward the top, create rough edges. Glue the rabbit in position such that the bunny's eyes and nose are visible. Remove any extra green paper from the bottom. Using the 1" hole punch, make two circles out of white paper.Make three lines on the bottom of each and attach them to the bunny's paws.
  5. Make a number of 1" circles out of the orange paper as well. We chose number six. Cut the green tissue paper into little pieces, scrunch it up, and glue it to the top rear of the orange circles.
  6. Next, cut a smaller piece of brown cardboard. Long wavy lines are cut. Make sure you're still on the blue cardstock by gluing just below the top of the green. Remove any surplus from the bottom. Tuck and glue orange circular carrots beneath the waves before the glue on the brown cardboard dries.


3. Easter Bunny Crafts for Preschoolers

This bunny plate craft is great for preschoolers since it is made into a play exercise where they can learn about shapes, counting, size, and other exciting things!

Here are some preschool bunny craft learning ideas that I included into this Easter rabbit paper plate activity:

  • Recognition of shapes
  • Size ranges from largest to smallest.
  • Color perception (white, pink, black)
  • Discuss the round form of the paper plate.
  • Count the whiskers and multiply the left and right sides.

The nice thing about Paper plate animals crafts and activities like these is that you may make while also learning, also work for a diverse range of ages. 

Your students will not only have fun, but they will also learn! Making an Easter rabbit out of paper plates can be a lot of fun with a learning twist!

Easter Bunny Cut Out Template
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Easter Bunny Head Template
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Easter Bunny Outline Template
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Printable Easter Bunny Cut Out
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How does the Easter Bunny resemble today?

As the belief goes, the rabbit would lay beautiful eggs as gifts to good children, thus children would build nests in which the bunny could lay his eggs and even occasionally leave carrots out in case the hare became hungry.

The Easter Bunny is now typically shown as a white rabbit with long ears, frequently dressed in colorful human clothing. It is common for you to see at the hopping rabbit at the parades, mall, and other celebrations that related with treats on the hand. It is a basket full of colorful eggs, chocolate, candy, and other presents to hand out to children. In some areas, you can even get their picture taken with the bunny for a Christmas souvenir.

Notwithstanding the bunny's popularity, it is not usually a rabbit that brings the Easter eggs in nations other than the United States. In Australia, for example, the Easter Bilby,a rabbit-like marsupial that is endangered to the country greets the spring season. There is also another option such as the Easter Cuckoo in Switzerland and from Germany, the Easter Fox or Rooster.

Of course, if you want to keep your Easter festivities in line with your children's science studies, you could always tell the youngsters that the rabbit only provides the eggs, just as the chickens lay them.

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