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May 09, 2009
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What are college class schedules like?

We definitely need a guide to enter college. We need to prevent the shock before we enter the university because the life inside the college will be different from high school. The college class schedule is also different. In college classes, we have hours of an interval of the class or lessons. The duration of learning activities inside the class approximately 12 to 16 hours every week. The year of academics is separated into 15 weeks each semester. There are two semesters of a year. So, there will be 30 weeks. Also, there is more week to do examinations and there are some more weeks for summer school. To manage the schedule, we are the one who arranges the schedule.

How many classes do you take in college?

When we are at college, we need to fulfill the requirements of hours that should be taken. The measurement of the hours is called credits. Full-time students are required to take at least 12 credits each semester. This means that the class is approximately 4 kinds of classes. The requirements credits to reach graduation is between 120 to 120 credits. So, the ideal amount of taking class each semester is 5 to 6 classes with 15 to 16 credits.

College Class Schedule Template Weekly
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College Class Schedule Template Weekly
College Class Schedule Template Weeklydownload

How do you make a college schedule?

Even though it seems we have more spare time, we actually take more responsibility when it comes to living in a college life. The tasks are way much more advanced than high school.

So, to overcome this, we need some time to relax for a while. So, here are some tricks to do overcome this:
1. Pick the most suitable schedule
This helps us to adjust to the schedule easier so we don't feel overwhelmed when it comes to studying and doing activities in our college life. We need to know what type of person we are. If we are a morning person, we can pick the class to be arranged in the morning, of course. If it is hard for us to wake up in the morning due to being a night owl, the afternoon or night class will be helpful for us. However, make sure that the schedule we choose makes ourselves organized. We can't blame that the schedule makes our productivity or sleep cycle messed up. It is because the one who arranges the class schedule in the beginning is ourselves.
2. Don't forget to put some spare time
Well, some breaks are needed for us. It is not a sign that our endurance is weak. It is just because we are a human, after all. We need some time to have a rest. It can avoid us from burnout. Try to make a day off in the middle of the week.
3. Think wisely when it comes to deciding the weekend and night class
The weekend or night courses actually take a longer time. It is because the lecturer will explain the lessons or the subject in a single day, not separated into some parts like on the weekdays. The class can even take as much as 5 to 6 hours. It can be so exhausting for us. Plus, when we get the assignment from the weekend or night courses, we actually have less time to finish it.
4. Consider work and college
When we do two things at the same time, it means we need to be careful to focus. We need to manage our time as best as possible to keep this balance. It is fine to do both, as long as our schedule, both for work and college are supporting each other to keep it balanced.

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