Christmas Miniature Printable Book Covers

Mar 09, 2021
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Printable Miniature Book Christmas
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What country gives books on Christmas Eve?

Iceland is famous for giving books as Christmas gifts. This tradition has occurred for decades. The tradition is called: Jolabokaflod, or the "Christmas Book Flood." In fact, Iceland is the country with the highest number of book publications in the world. The timing of the huge amounts of book publishing has a specific pattern. This "Book Flood'' phenomenon usually starts from late September to Early November. To make Christmas Eve more creative, we can create DIY Christmas miniature books. Simply download Christmas miniature book covers to decorate the miniature book so it can look “Christmas-y”. The Christmas miniature book can be used as a decoration of the Christmas tree too.

What are the benefits of creating miniature books?

Doing crafts, including creating miniature Christmas books and its covers, is beneficial for us. Here are the advantages of creating miniature book:
1.    Improves fine motor skills
Fine motor skills allow us to use hands and fingers. When we do this with kids, they will be trained how to hold something smaller than their hands and fingers. One of the best ways to develop fine motor skills is to make a DIY miniature book. It's because they are not only holding an object, but also doing crafts that come in a smaller form.
2.    Maintain focus and mindfulness
To create the miniature book, we are required to be precise. Cutting for a smaller thing is definitely harder than the bigger one. So, to avoid the mistake, we need to focus. A longer period of time of focusing can lead us to be mindful. It can relax minds.
3.    Hand-eye coordination
When we want to create the small things, we definitely need to keep our eye on that object. Our eyes really work for this. However, if we only maintain the focus on the small objects without paying attention to our hands when we cut, glue, or fold, the result can't be perfect like we have been expecting before. Therefore, balancing the eyes and hands activities can be trained with making personalized Christmas miniature book covers.
4.    Familiarize with working with accuracy
The smaller the object, the better the errors can be seen. For instance, when we want to cut, but cut it too much, it can affect the size of the object more. It's because the material that is used is few, unlike the bigger one. To avoid this, we need to get used to working precisely and avoid mistakes as much as possible.

Printable Miniature Christmas House
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Printable Miniature Book Covers Christmas
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What Christmas books are usually made into miniature books?

The miniature Christmas book that can be found is entitled "The Night Before Christmas". This book was even released directly in miniature form. In this version, The Night Before Christmas is illustrated by Charles Santore. This book appears in the dimensions of 10.16 x 1.27 x 9.53 cm. This book weighs 91 gr. Download Christmas miniature book covers here.

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