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Feb 03, 2009
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Printable Word Search Template
Printable Word Search Templatedownload

How do I search for a word in a puzzle?

Word search puzzles are a good device to tease our brain. When we solve the quiz, we are required to scan the whole sheet of the search puzzle. We are also required to be meticulous. It's because what we're currently doing is like looking for needles inside the stack of straws. If we want to challenge ourselves, we can download blank word search puzzles. Then, let the others customize the quiz and shuffled letters inside the puzzle.

Here are the tips to success the word search puzzle:
1.    Usually, the word search puzzles bring a certain theme. Try to recall our memory about vocabulary that is related to the theme.
2.    Find the first letter of a word front and back each row and column.
3.    Use a simple pointer, like a small stick or pencil to guide our searchings. Make sure the pencils don't create the stroke on the blank word search puzzle.
4.    Highlights the findings using a bright highlighter or other color markers.
5.    Try to find the words that do not frequently appear, like words that use J, B, K, Q, X, Y, or Z as the first letter.
6.    Immediately put a strikethrough on the list of the quiz whenever we have found the words.

Blank Word Search Paper
Blank Word Search Paperdownload

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Blank Crossword Puzzle Template
Blank Crossword Puzzle Templatedownload

Are word search puzzles good for the brain?

Since puzzles can be called as a brain, yes, word search puzzles can bring beneficial things for our brain. This game requires us to find the strategic, recall the memory of vocabulary, and maintain the focus in the long run.

Here are some benefits of playing word searches:
1.    Finds the time to relax in a busy schedule
As an adult, it is so hard to spend some time playing. It's because our schedule is busy. However, spending some minutes playing word search puzzles helps us to make time to relax every day. When we solve the quiz, aside from getting a relaxing time in a day, we also help our brain to develop. It's because the game is really a good "workout" for the brain.
2.    Boosts mood
There must be a feeling of being challenged, competed, or the spark when we are in a contest. It's because we are teased to find the answer of the quiz. It makes us feel motivated. When we are able to solve the quiz successfully, we can feel rewarded. This feeling can develop mood. It encourages the brain to be happy and motivated.
3.    Delays the risk of dementia
When we are playing with word search, our brain works actively. This can stimulate the brain to improve memorizing skills and brain development. So, it can help our brain to delay the risk of disorders in the brain, including dementia and Alzheimer's.

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