10 Printables Cursive Writing Worksheets and How It Develops Your Kids' Skills

Feb 02, 2022
By Printablee
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The discussions of how manual handwriting would be still relevant today during the digital era become a consideration for both parents and teachers. The only reason is that they need to introduce kids using the old practice (using stationery and paper, meanwhile nowadays we go mostly paperless.) You might also think that these days keyboarding is way more common and the level of handwriting itself keeps going down. However, more expressions appear in written notes.

Nevertheless, even when the era has changed, the practice of learning writing to recognize numbers and letters was still needed. It is the basic motor activity to help develop various multi-sensory and is still known as the most effective. As far to known since the mid-1800s, it is common for people to be taught cursive handwriting at school. And later, cursive writing itself develop various styles. From the beautiful Spencerian script, the Palmer Method, The D’Nealian method, and the Zane-Bloser method. Despite the arguments growing about how it might take lots more effort and show no significant benefits, there are perks on how cursive handwriting is needed, not only for children but also adults.

1. Spelling patterns learning

Stepping in for the very basic writing steps for children, not only motor skills to develop during the handwriting or tracing lessons, writing in cursive could help children who have difficulty in spelling as they need to follow the writing patterns. As they found a way to perceive this challenge, it will be a stepping stone later to recollect letter and their structure while writing the words. Even if it is called spelling, it is underlined that this practice will also be a helpful bridge to visualize and remember words through muscle memory.

2. Focus and concentration

To improve focus and concentration, there might be thousands of ways for each one of us. In practice for children, the way how they can concentrate depends on their age. At an early age, forcing them to get perfect practice on the worksheets is not good either way. It might interrupt their progress when they were 5 or 6 years old. Yet, it is better to give a stimulus for a longer and stronger ability. You can show a tracing worksheet in cursive or alphabet. This will be emerging their writing period and they will be able to express their thoughts slowly while building fingers, hands, and wrist strength. By doing this practice as an adult or even senior, aside from refreshing the brain to focus, it will help to work with the memory while stroking the letters on the paper.

3. Spatial awareness

It is a complex cognitive skill that is related to objects around and how the objects are set within each other. This will be helpful as to navigating since the concepts included are known to show direction, distance, and location. Then, how does it applies to cursive writing? Well, at the beginning of the lessons, we are common to write them down on a lined writing paper. There is even special category paper to use for calligraphy too. While practicing the cursive letters, the written letters were supposed to be staying within the lines. Those lines will guide them to recognize barriers and how to get them in the provided space without drifting.

4. Understanding the process

Practicing cursive writing might seem a lot of ‘work’ with its effort on making beautiful lines and to look aesthetic on the paper. More than just writing, cursive handwriting does bring another point of view on things that go through some process. As nowadays typing seems more simple than writing down notes and sticking them on the fridge door or your friend’s locker, the writing process itself encourages people to value the process. And when there is a process, the progress outcomes are the goal of making things according to its principle.

5. Creativity skills

Unconsciously, this cursive practice leads to another benefit in terms of art. The practice of cursive writing engages you to perform your skill, talent, and creativity. The way you visualize the letters related to your creativity flows. The perspective you bring by remembering the letters from the lines and sequences. Even if in the practice of cursive handwriting you were using printable templates, it is still effectively engaging for both kids and adults. The movements, the curved lines in cursive handwriting will elevate effectively.

6. Improving hands and eyes coordination

With overall subjects in learning, handwriting still becomes the champ as the fundamental skill. It also refers to cursive practice. The curvy lines and motion from left to right allow sensory skills that are needed on the daily task such as tying shoes, picking up objects, reading, buttoning, and even typing. Visually, back to the concept of physical and spatial awareness, the hand-eyes motions will be improved within its movements to imagine the lines to be written down. The more you practice, the better you will be able to strengthen your coordination. 

7. Take notes quickly

Beneficially when you need to write down notes in a short time such as during lectures or while taking notes on the phone. Plus at any moment, it can be a challenge for a person to do. Practicing using templates and lined writing paper repeatedly will help them to get used to writing at a good pace. Plus as they will be able to memorize and enhance the benefit of understanding cursive writing, quick notes from doctors or lectures, and even your notes will be an easy peasy thing to decode. Speedy notes taking might seem easier on your tab yet your speedy note-taking while grasping the pen and writing down on paper will be able to help you better remember the information you are taking.

8. Media for meditation/ relaxation

Another notable good value included in the practice of cursive handwriting that it is also can be used as a form of meditation or relaxation. How is it possible when? According to some practicians, it is noted that the activity you were doing while writing in cursive was done in rhythm. That way unconsciously brings the feel of calming down also known as kinetic melody. Moreover, cursive writing indeed needs patience when you want a nicely done character of the writing, and it needs patience. Each healing process takes patience and time.

9. Making personal signatures

The beginning of learning cursive writing during kindergarten or elementary has a basic reason for the practical benefits further. It has personal formed lines. Eleven if started from tracing, the characters of personal writing are rare to be the same. Some might even have problems making the same signature from their ID when signing documents. And most of the signatures formed in cursive handwriting. As can be seen in The Declaration of Independence. The ability to read cursive itself brings values that require in some fields. So, to state that to learn cursive handwriting seems unimportant, it might help you to understand old scripts or another language. As for a trick, it makes your notes look more secretive as well.

10. Overall, cursive writing is unique

Even if cursive handwriting seems to goings up and downs within the digital era, it is still noticeable that the uniqueness of this type of writing is what makes it feel authentic. Not only to the very first style that formed, but also personal. It looks more attractive as well for its mentioned as a form of art. The benefits of cursive handwriting are attached to mental, physical, social, and everyday practice. From early age children as mentioned for toddlers, you can give tracing worksheets for them to try as a starter. Do remember it is purposely to stimulate, so the outcome doesn’t have to be perfect from the very first trial. Later on, their skills will develop as they might have absorbed the way it does the lines and forms.


You can also do the speed note-taking easier yet understand it another way. The complexity of cursive handwriting is also able to grow a self-discpline personality. Handwriting is another life skill you probably do not want to lose even if as time goes by we become more the typing person. It brings a flow to the human drain better than the keyboard we face these days. You could also elevate the skill to be an artist or even a language researcher. Communication through handwriting is still needed and yet also much more freely private. So the practice of handwriting can bring clearer and well-organized goals as well for the audience intended. Simply to put for your own experience in collecting with the family, it could bring a time capsule for your children in the next generation also for yourselves.