10 Closed Due To Corona Virus (Covid19) Printable Signs for Business

Jun 30, 2020
By Printablee
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Tearful, heartfelt announcements about closures of small businesses are popping up around the world on websites and on their Facebook pages. Analysts warn this is only the start of the worst wave of bankruptcies and closures of small businesses since the Great Depression. Small businesses simply can not survive with no income coming in for weeks followed by half capacity reopening, many owners say.

Below are some "Closed due to Corona Virus (COVID19)" printable signs in few different designs and layout you can use for your business.

"Sorry, we are closed due to corona virus" printable sign with public message.


"Sorry, we are closed due to corona virus (covid19)" sign, extended message and smaller virus logo.


Simple "Temporarily closed to prevent the spread of corona virus (covid19)" sign with standard layout.


"We are closed due to corona virus" sign in vertical layout.


The simplest "Closed due to Corona Virus" designs for your business:


From Wikipedia: Some of the earliest signs were informally used to denote the membership of particular groups. Early Christians used the sign or a cross, or the Ichthys, to denote their religious affiliations, while the sign of the sun or moon would serve the same purpose for pagans.

Commercial signage usage has a very ancient past. In the East and the West, the retail signage and promotional signs appear to have developed independently. In ancient times it was known that the ancient Egyptians , Romans, and Greeks used signage. Signboards were used in ancient Rome for shop fronts as well as for announcing public events. Roman signs usually were made of stone or terracotta. Alternatively, they were whitewashed areas, known as albums on shops, forums, and marketplaces outside walls. Many Roman examples have been preserved, including the widely recognized bush indicating a tavern from which the proverb "A good wine needs no bush" is derived. Besides the bush, the three balls of pawnbrokers and the red and white barber's pole are some identifiable trade signs that survive into modern times. Some of the signs identified with particular trades later developed into trademarks. This suggests an intimate link between the early history of commercial signage and the history of branding and labeling.

A sign 's shape can help in conveying its message. Shape can be based on brand or design, or it can be part of a set of signage conventions used to standardize the meaning of signs. The use of particular shapes can vary according to country and culture.

Some common convention on the shape of signage are as follows:
- Rectangular signs are frequently used to portray general public information.
- Circular signs often represent a mandatory or prohibitive instruction that must be followed.
- Triangular signs are often symbols of warning, used to convey danger or caution.