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Updated on Feb 23, 2023
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Printable Easter Crossword Puzzles
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Planting flowers or gardening is an activity that you can do in a garden. Usually, only a small area is needed to do these activities. An open garden area will make children love the activity, especially when the weather is sunny.

With gardening, children can find various types of plants. They also learn about plants. Well, this can be used as a fun activity that provides education for children.

What is Meant by Springtime Cleaning?

Springtime cleaning is an annual activity in a country with four seasons. Springtime cleaning is a house cleaning activity, from the inside to the outside. If there are items that can no longer be used, they will throw them away or sell them to thrift stores.

Not only that, they also cleaned chimneys and roofs. Cleaning the garden and repainting the walls in every room of the house are also important things they do.

In spring, the air is not too cold. The sun is also shining brightly, so it is the right time to wash and dry mattresses or things. The spring breeze also feels very fresh, so that makes all the dust on the surface of things get carried away easily. Not only for adults, children can do the springtime cleaning. 

From Planting Flowers to Springtime Cleaning: Empowering Kids to Take Responsibility with These Fun Ways

Planting flowers and springtime cleaning are two of the best ways to teach children responsibility from an early age. Parents need to routinely do these two useful activities with their children. How to make your children want to do it? You can use these 5 fun ways.

  1. Provide Their Own Area

    Children prefer to do their activities without being disturbed by anyone. So, after you teach them about how to plant flowers and springtime cleaning, you have to give them a special area.

    Ask them to plant flowers or clean up the area safely and easily. Do not provide an area that is too large.Make sure that you can monitor the place easily.

  2. Let Kids Choose Their Own Equipment

    Children also prefer to choose their own tools. So, let them decide which tools to use. However, tell them about the function of the tool and how to use it.

    If they choose a dangerous tool, explain that the tool is not allowed to be used. With that way, they become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the tools.

  3. Playing Music

    When doing flower planting or springtime cleaning activities, you can play songs with fun nuances. There are many songs that are themed on flowers and spring. You can make it a playlist.

    When music is playing, you can ask the children to sing along. This will make the activity more enjoyable. Don't forget to prepare snacks and drinks.
  4. Documenting Photos

    You can ask the children to take pictures of each process of planting flowers or springtime cleaning a room. You can use the before-after concept and upload the photos on your social media. 

Printable Easter Crossword Puzzles
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Printable Easter Crossword Puzzles
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Easter Crossword Puzzles
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What are The Benefits of Doing Planting Flowers and Springtime Cleaning Activities?

If your child prefers to play with gadgets, you can ask them to do flower planting and springtime cleaning activities. There are various benefits when they do these activities.

  1. Responsibility

    By doing these two activities, children will know their tasks. They have the responsibility to clean the area of the house and take care of the plants.

    Parents can help their children in doing these tasks by making a schedule. Make a table in the form of time and a list of activities that must be done.

  2. Exploring The Sensory System

    These two activities can improve the development of children's sensory systems. The reason is, they will feel various sensations and shapes of objects.

    Not only that, they can also see various colors and shapes of objects in the area of the house and garden. In fact, they can recognize various sounds and smells. Besides that, gardening and cleaning the house can also make children know about the process.

  3. Improves Motor Skills

    With gardening and cleaning the house, children's fine motor systems will be well trained. The reason is, when doing these two activities, children have to do several activities such as planting seeds, watering plants, sweeping, and mopping.

    Well, all of these activities use the motor system. If children's motor skills improve, they become more able to focus on one thing.

  4. Creating Harmonious Family Relationships

    Planting flowers and springtime cleaning are the best activities for all family members. Therefore, children can become closer to all family members when doing these activities.

    The relationship between parents and children can also get better. Finally, it can also improve communication between family members.

  5. It Can Increase Children's Knowledge

    Not only motor skills, children can also improve their social interaction skills when doing these two activities. By regularly helping with cleaning the house and gardening, children learn about the importance of keeping things clean.

    They can also understand the gardening process and how to love the environment. From there, it can increase the child's knowledge of the surrounding environment.

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