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Updated on Apr 05, 2021
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Blank Head and Neck Muscles Diagram
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What is the Muscular System?

According to, the muscular system is a collection of muscle fibers. Muscle fibers are cells. As we know, muscles are tissues attached to bones, blood vessels, and organs. Muscles play a role in moving the body. Therefore, the muscular system also plays a role in muscle contraction.

Well, these muscle contractions function to regulate body posture, produce heat, and stabilize joints. So, various activities that we do every day can be done with the muscular system. Examples are standing, running, sitting, and others.

How Does the Muscular System Work?

As explained above, the muscular system can produce muscle contractions. Well, the muscle contract is related to how the muscular system works. Based on an explanation in the journal of the National Library of Medicine, muscle contraction occurs because the thin actin and thick myosin filaments pass one another.

Thus, muscle contraction is the cross-interaction of elongated myosin filaments and cyclic actin filaments. This process occurs when ATP undergoes hydrolysis. In general, the mechanism of action of the muscular system is as follows.

  • First, the muscles receive stimulation from the brain (central nervous system).

  • Then, stimulation from the brain will trigger a chemical reaction. Signals from the brain will be processed by a certain chemical called acetylcholine, a substance that causes various types of chemical reactions in the muscles. As described by the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences at Texas A&M University, this chemical reaction plays a role in the interaction of myosin and actin which triggers muscle contraction.

  • If the muscles are already experiencing contractions, the muscles will relax because there is no more stimulation given by the brain. This process makes the muscles return to normal conditions. So, the chemical reaction in the muscles causes the muscles to lengthen and shorten.


How to Learn the Muscular System Easily?

The muscular system consists of 600 muscles, so you need the right way to study the muscle system. The easiest way is to divide the body into several parts. This is because muscles attach to different parts of the body, so dividing the body into some sections is the easiest way to study them. Therefore, you can use body images.

Make sure that the body image includes a variety of muscle types. This will help you to know the location and name of these muscles. After that, memorize all the types and functions of these muscles.

Study the origin of the muscles and the point of insertion. The origin is the end of the muscle that experiences slight movement when the muscle is contracting. Meanwhile, the end of the muscle that moves more actively during contraction is called the insertion. Both are referred to as muscle attachments. By learning about the location of the attachment of these muscles, it will be easier for you to understand the function and location of these muscles.

Because the muscular system has many types of muscles, it takes you a lot of time to study them. Memorize and understand these muscle systems one by one every day.

You can also come up with some fun ways to learn about the muscular system. An example is to use a diagram that presents the human body muscles. Apart from that, you can also use a guessing quiz to test your understanding of the muscular system.

Well, that's how to study the muscular system easily. You can also teach those methods to children. Related to games and diagrams, these two methods are great methods for teaching children about the muscular system.

Muscular System Diagram Worksheet
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What are Fun Facts about the Muscular System?

The muscular system is a complex network with the most important functions in the body because muscles play an important role in all activities. Therefore, it is very important to study the muscular system so you can understand how it works and minimize the risk of muscular system problems.

You also need to understand various interesting facts about the muscular system to make it easier to understand those body tissues. Here are some interesting facts about the muscular system in the human body.

  • The muscular system of the body is divided into three types. Those are cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. The Cardiac is a muscle that is in the heart. Smooth is a type of muscle that is in the blood vessels, intestines, and various other areas of the body. It's a type of involuntary muscle. Meanwhile, skeletal muscles are attached to bones and used to perform various activities.

  • There are the largest, smallest, and strongest muscles in the system. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body which is located in the hip area. That's because the muscle serves to support the body. Meanwhile, the strongest muscle is the masseter which is located in the jaw with a force of 200 pounds. In addition, there are also the smallest muscles known as the tensor tympani and stapedius which are located in the inner ear.

  • Body muscles cannot push, only pull. So, when you do the activity of pushing an object, it's actually your muscles just pulling your shoulders and elbows toward that object.

  • Muscles must stay active to stay healthy. Therefore, you need to do muscle training to be able to make your muscles strong. Humans will lose muscle mass as they age. Therefore, muscle strength training can make muscles have good performance and build muscle mass.

  • Most body heat is produced from the process of muscle contraction. The percentage can reach 85%. When you are cold or shivering, your body's muscles will work more actively to heat your body. 

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