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Dec 21, 2022
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Snowman Candy Bar Wrapper Template
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What are the most popular candies in the US?

The holiday season always turns out into sweet things that come around. Candy treats always become the greatest alternative when it comes to the one who shared with everyone. This tradition leads to create some popular candies in the US.


  1. Candy cane


The typical candy in stripped white and red always be with Christmas. This German-invented candy becomes associated with Christmastide due to its color and connection with Santa. The candy cane is favored in Louisiana and Oregon.


  1. Chocolate Santa


This chocolate is on the top list in Alaska, New Mexico, Ohio, and more. The candy with Santa look would be such an incredible chocolaty gift to share with everyone during the holiday season.


  1. Hersey’s Kisses


This classic chocolate always has a place in people’s hearts. Hersey’s Kisses become one of the top bestsellers in Arizona, Utah, South Dakota, Missouri, and more.


  1. M&M’s


It is such a famous candy brand around the world. M&M’s also versatile candies that you can use for any kids’ project, cake toppers, and more. This brand is on the highest-selling list in Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and more.

How candy can be the best gift for Christmas?

Choosing the present can be challenging. If you just spontaneously buy a thing for your friend, it might be not the one that they put an interest in. Therefore, research is needed before deciding on a gift to buy. However, if you don’t have time, just wrap the candies which also undoubtedly to be the best gift for Christmas. Here are the reasons why candies are the best gift.

In general, people love candy as a part of sweets to consume during the holiday season. From the gift side, candy is simple but can be special at the same time. Just wrap your candies in eye-catching looks and write poems or Christmas sayings that will make it more special.

You don’t have to worry about this might be an unwanted gift. It is because everyone loves to have candy as theirs. Even for those who are on a tight diet, the holiday season might be the cheating time because they cannot afford to handle the smells of sweets everywhere.

For people who have everything, this is such a perfect gift for them. Instead of going with fancy things such as high-end brand makeup or something, candy in appealing looks would more attractive for them and most would be a visually nice gift.

Printable Snowman Candy Bar Wrappers
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Snowman Candy Bar Wrapper Template
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Hershey Candy Bar Wrapper Template Printable
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How to make a Hershey’s Snowman?

Even a small gift can bring happiness. This statement is the one you should implement during the sharing gift tradition on Christmas. Wrap your candy bars in an interesting way could be mesmerizing. Come up with Hersey’s bars and create the snowman looks.

Grab your ingredients such as Hersey’s bars, white papers, ribbons, gloves, markers, and buttons.

Measure the size of Hersey’s and make the wrap cutouts from white paper. Apply the wrapper on the Hersey and make sure it’s neat enough to draw the snowman face.

Draw the snowman's face on the paper to make it looks real. Stick the buttons ornament, so it seems like the snowman wearing a white t-shirt. Put the gloves on the upper part and tie them.

This will be the hat accent. The gift is done! Make sure you share two of Hersey’s bars with a pair of gloves so they can also use them in the winter.

What are some facts about Hershey’s?

When you hear Hersey’s candy, you might think of your childhood memories. The trick on treating traditions with this candy alongside is memorable for everyone. The existence of this brand since the previous century leads them to have some odd facts going on.

  1. It was not only a chocolate company

The first era of this company was named Lancaster Caramel Company which found by Milton S. Hersey. Before the setting of making all-chocolate products only, this company even produced a gum brand named “Easy Chew”.


  1. The chocolate bars with heat-resistant were invented

World War II made this company produce chocolate that has heat-resistant, so the soldier could eat it during the war. The brand was maintained to stand in 120o C of heat for more than one hour.


  1. Chocolate spa treatment is available in Hersey’s hotel

If you wonder what the chocolate spa feels like, just come to the Hersey’s hotel in Hersey, Pennsylvania. Chocolaty things such as choco sugar scrub and cocoa massage would be fantastic to enjoy.


  1. Hersey’s Kisses are produced in very large amounts each day

The Hersey’s chocolate in Kisses series production reaches more than 60 million each day. What a fantastic amount. It is such a huge amount for a brand, but still, it’s a good sign for them. No wonder this chocolate brand is famous.

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