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May 22, 2023
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How Creation Story Helps to Build Connections within Families

The account of God's creation of the world is found in Genesis 1 and 2. God brought light into the world on the first day. He made the sky on the second.

On the third day, dry ground and vegetation were produced. On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and stars Genesis 1 and 2. The fifth day saw the creation of land creatures and sky animals, while the sixth day saw the creation of water and sky animals.

From the beginning of time, many things have occurred, including the introduction of sin into an otherwise sinless universe. Today, however, we may still take pleasure in nature's splendor and observe the numerous marvels of God's creation and how they serve to reveal His majesty.

What are the values of God's creation story?

  • We reflect God essentially.

In verse 26 of the Bible, God is quoted as saying, "Let us make man in our image, to be like us." This specific passage has become so commonplace that we have forgotten its significance make man in our image, to be like us." This specific passage has become so commonplace that we have forgotten its significance. Do you recognize yourself? Because you are his split image, you may imitate anything Jesus did. We were made in God's likeness to behave as He does, and in His image to appear like Him. The very basics are for us as a family to hold on to.

  • We were made to do the seemingly impossible

It simply implies that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. You are a superhuman entity who can accomplish even the most challenging tasks. He's got your back, so keep going! It represents what family is for—whatever goes wrong, we can always rely on our family to help us solve a problem.

  • We are all capable of being creative; you and I are both capable of creating something from nothing.

Isn't it incredible how God made everything from nothing? Verse 1 demonstrates how he transformed the formless, void, and dark world of the past into the one we live in today. How can individuals come up with ideas so incredible that you start to wonder how they ever imagined they were even conceivable? Your heart's desire may come true; it matters, and the world requires it.

  • Doubt is not ingrained in your DNA.

In this chapter, the bible repeatedly states that "God saw it was good." The bible states "it was good," not "he wasn't sure whether it was good." Because God never questioned his own ability, why should we? Give yourself some credit; I guarantee that you're doing better than you think.

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  • Everything in life has potential.

How or if you choose to recognize it is up to you. You and I wouldn't be here today if God hadn't decided to recognize the good in the world. The only way you can accomplish more and improve is if you learn to recognize your progress.

  • Every word you speak has life.

It also has the power to either make or break you. God then commanded, "Let there be light," and there was light, according to verse 2. This amplifies the force of our words, and I don't think we've truly grasped it yet. What have you recently been telling yourself? What have you been saying about your life, your family, and your circumstances? Your remarks have a lot of force and potency.

  • You are not a robot, so relax.

We seem to be far too fixated on being "busy" and "productive." Who are you to not rest if God, the Highest, did? Without looking after the body that is doing all the work, how can you perform at your best? The frequency with which rest was discussed in this chapter shows that it was a top priority for him. Your body would make you slow down if you didn't already.

  • Be proud of your process.

Since God didn't try to belittle what he had made or beat himself up over it. "Then God looked over what he had made, and he saw that it was exceedingly good," verse 31 states. This only indicates that he was content when he considered his accomplishments. How many of us have that feeling after completing a project? Do you congratulate yourself or do you minimize your efforts?

  • Stop being a wimp, because you are in charge!

Everything on earth is within our authority, according to verses 27–31. God is telling you to fill and rule the planet now. He wants you to take charge! Take command; you are in charge. Being fruitful and multiplying refers to more than just having children. It also holds true for your talents, goals, and potential. He has given you the power to rule the planet!

By beholding the work of God, we may be encouraged to hold Him and His creations in higher esteem, and while immersed in the natural world and its surroundings, we may experience a sense of intimacy with the divine. The splendor of creation serves as a reminder of God's presence.

Demonstrating reverence towards any form of God's creation, whether it be the environment or a fellow human being, signifies our recognition of the creator's handiwork and the importance we place on what God has made.

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