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Jun 06, 2023
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3D Paper Building Templates
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What is Architecture?

Architecture is the art of designing buildings and structures. So, architecture is useful for creating a space that is beneficial to human needs and activities. The designs and designs are usually made by architects. However, everyone can make simple architectural designs because there are many tools that can be used to create these architectural designs.

What is the Importance of Introducing Architecture to Children?

Architecture does not only provide beauty and an artistic side but also some important things, especially for children. Therefore, you should introduce architecture to children from an early age because architecture can give them these benefits.

  1. Training Children to Innovate

    Architecture is closely related to art and innovation. By introducing architecture to children, they will understand various unique architectural designs. From there, they can learn to think creatively and innovatively in creating unique things.

  2. Children Gain New Knowledge

    Another benefit that children can get when they learn about architecture is new knowledge. Architecture is concerned with weight, measurement, density, and gravity. So, children don't only learn design, but also those new things.

  3. Improve Fine Motor Skills

    Architecture can also make children have good fine motor skills. That is because they will often see and hold various forms of space. Children will also use various shapes to make good architectural designs so it will improve the ability of children's muscles and bones.

  4. Children Can Appreciate Nature

    Another thing that children will gain when learning about architecture is a sense of respect for nature or the environment. This is because many architectural designs use recycled materials. This material is an eco-friendly material so it is safer to use.

    That is what makes children know the types of eco-friendly building materials. Later, they will prefer to use eco-friendly materials for various needs.

What Creative Activities Can Be Used to Teach Architecture for Children?

After understanding the benefits of studying architecture for children, you will want to teach about architecture to your children. Well, you need to do some creative activities to teach kids about architecture as we explain below.

  1. Make Stacking Cups

    The first way to teach children about architecture is by making cup-stacking structures. So, collect used cups that are around the house. Then, clean the cups. After that, arrange the cups with the children to form a building structure.

    This is an activity that can be done by children of all ages. In fact, toddlers can do this fun activity. By doing these activities, children will understand how to make good building structures.

  2. Make Building Structures Using Toothpicks

    Another way is to make a building structure using a toothpick and sponge that has been cut into small pieces. Then, arrange all of it into the shape of the building you want. Use colorful sponges to make the structure look more attractive. You can also find various templates of buildings such as 3D paper houses, and haunted house templates as the guide!

  3. Make Buildings Using Popsicle Sticks

    This method is also very easy to do. You only need to teach children to arrange ice cream sticks into building walls. Connect the ice cream sticks using clothespin clips.

Haunted House Paper Template
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3D Paper House Template
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3D Paper House Template Printable
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Introduce These 5 Unique Architectural Designs to Children

Not only the ways we have explained before, but you can also introduce architecture to children by showing unique architectural designs in the world. Here are some examples of buildings in the world with unique designs that can attract your children's attention.

  1. Dubai Frames

    The first unique building is in Dubai. This is called the Dubai Frame because its shape is similar to a frame. It is the largest frame in the world with a width and height of 105 meters and 150 meters. Dubai Frame is made by Fernando Donis in a competition made by the Government of Dubai.

  2. Cube House

    Cube House went viral a few years ago. The building is located in the Netherlands. It is a set of sloping houses designed with the concept of living as an urban roof. This is a collection of cube houses with a slope of 45 degrees. This building is used to optimize small spaces and improve the distribution of rooms.

  3. Atomium

    Belgium has an atom building. This building was designed by Andre Waterkeyn and Jean Polak. This structure was created in the Atomic Age. There are nine stainless steel balls that are connected to each other. However, only six balls can be accessed by the public. Now, the building is used as a museum.

  4. Ilinden

    The Republic of Macedonia is not widely known by many people. However, this area has a unique building called Ilinden. It is a monument built to pay tribute to the revolutionary fighters who fought during the Ilinden uprising in 1903.

    The building was designed by Iskra Grabuloska and Jordan Grabuloski. Then, construction began in 1974. Inside the dome of the monument, there is a statue of the singer Toše Proeski and the tomb of the president of the Republic of Kruševo Nikola Karev.

  5. Dancing House

    This unique building can be found in Prague, Czech Republic. The building has a deconstructivist style. This style is also known as the new baroque style. Dancing House is the artwork of Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry. That building was built for 4 years from 1992-1996. This building became a controversy because of its strange shape.

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