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Why is it necessary to promote mathematical and visual arts growth?

It will benefit your child's ability in plenty of other areas if you take the time to purposefully encourage them to grow their math and creative skills. Examples include:

  • Imaginative strategic planning.
  • Self-expression.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Being aware of the connection between science and language.


Many subjects and skills are joined together through the medium of art. Students gain in a variety of ways when teachers encourage them to tap into their artistic talents. Their basic skill development and learning how to learn are the main objectives. From then, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, the possibility is available in all forms and sizes.

What relationship exists between mathematics and art?

You would probably wonder how these two fields of study could be possible to be related if you place a piece of art next to a math problem. However, there are some significant connections between the two that you should note.

Concepts. You might be shocked to hear that artists typically always use at least one mathematical idea while creating, such as measurement, weight, and even trigonometry.

Tools. When it refers to the equipment often employed by math professionals and artists, there is a significant deal of similarity. By allowing students to examine angles visibly and distinguish them based on the measurement, you may even relate it to math.

Critical thinking. Both math and the arts foster the growth of creative as well as analytical thinking abilities that your student may use in all aspects of life, including analyzing, reasoning, making decisions, evaluating, and estimating. Math and artistic abilities are obviously a big part of what your child aspires to do after finishing school.

How might math and art be used to intentionally connect ideas?

Just making purposeful connections when you teach is one of the finest ways to demonstrate to your students the similarities between math and art. Here are three simple methods to accomplish this.

  • Nature-based journaling Keeping a nature notebook is one of several strategies for bridging the gaps between science, math, and the arts. The practice of keeping a simple-format diary to study the world and record what one sees in various ways is known as "nature journaling."
  • Together, solving puzzles and fostering a love of them are still more ways to link math and art. After all, puzzles are fundamental to both arithmetic and art.
  • When working on art projects, kids who intentionally use mathematical terms like arch, parallel, perpendicular, axis, etc. will be better prepared for accomplishment later on when those ideas come up in their upper-level math courses.


Is it accurate to say that those with creative types have difficulty with math?

For a variety of reasons, math is typically challenging for creative people like painters. We can't truly paint all artists using the identical brush (pun intended! ), though, because every artist is unique and their perceptions, reasons for creating, and interests range tremendously.

Math is a subject in which certain artists are particularly talented. One well-known example would be Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo Da Vinci was not the only artist, though. Genetics, a basic lack of interest brought on by the environment, or a combination of the two could all contribute to a person's lack of mathematical advancement. 

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Why creative people may have arithmetic difficulties?

There are various explanations for why basic math may be difficult for creatives, including:

The fact that it doesn't particularly interest them. Truly creative people are drawn to emotions more than to objective facts like math calculation. They can't handle the stiff principles of math because of their flexible and adaptable thought processes.

They favor thinking more abstractly while coming up with ideas and concepts. Because arithmetic is linear, they can easily become disinterested and fed up with it. Being unsuccessful in arithmetic has a natural ripple effect since it demotivates students, who then put less effort into improving their math skills.

They had a terrible math teacher. The majority of artists are totally capable of learning math, but once they're taught by the wrong person, they are screwed from the beginning. Picking the right instructor to educate on their terms is essential to fostering a passion for math in your children if they are artistic and have had a difficult or even stressful time studying math.

The mental architecture of an artist is unique. Researchers reported that such artists in the study had more of the neural matter needed for visual imagery and motor skill motions. This shows that while an artist's capabilities are inborn, their surroundings and upbringing can certainly help them develop them further.

According to the study, the brain of an artist is structurally distinct. This enables artists to mix and disassemble images in their minds, which may inspire them to come up with more original ideas. No wonder they might not be very interested and generally struggle with analytical tasks like math.

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