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Updated on Apr 03, 2023
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Hello Kitty
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Why does Hello Kitty Doesn't Have A Mouth?

Have you ever realized that despite the adorable pink and white appearance, Hello Kitty doesn't truly have a mouth? A little short story about the popular icon from Sanrio can be seen through some facts below.

Since the daughter of the Chinese woman who made a deal with the devil suffered terminal mouth cancer, according to myths and traditions, Hello Kitty was born without a mouth.

Indeed, Hello Kitty was designed without a mouth because the creators wished her emotions to remain a mystery. This indicates that they desired people to reflect their feelings on the cat.

For example, if you're depressed, Hello Kitty's creators would prefer that you believe that she shares your misery and is also depressed. The same holds true for emotions such as happiness, fear, and even anxiety.

The Tragic Past of Hello Kitty

The legend holds that a deal made with the devil led to the creation of Hello Kitty. In order to cure her daughter, who was suffering from cancer, a Chinese mother struck a pact with Satan.

The devil reportedly gave the woman directions for making a figure in the shape of Hello Kitty just after a woman called the devil, according to legend. This became his reward for rescuing the mother's daughter.

The History of How Hello Kitty was made

Actually, Sanrio commissioned artist Yuko Shimizu to design Hello Kitty.

The first Hello Kitty product, a vinyl coin purse, was released to the public in 1975. She was invented in 1974.

Sanrio's most valuable asset was Hello Kitty, who gained worldwide popularity very quickly. Together with that, it surpassed Pokemon to become the second-highest-grossing media franchise.

One of the first cartoonists that Sanrio used to help produce charming cartoons and characters for their products was Yuko Shimizu. Early on, she developed a love for the arts and was greatly influenced by anime and manga.

She instead chose to advertise, though, as a result of her parent's lack of support. Hence, they were given the chance to work with Sanrio on projects and grow the Hello Kitty brand.

After being released in the US in 1976, this animated character's popularity is growing rapidly. In the 1980s, both Japan and the US adored Hello Kitty. Until today, the popularity of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters still gets the spot as they are also common to be seen in collaboration with various brands to stand in the market.

What stands for Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty is viewed as a representation of friendship, which the character's makers and designers hope will spread all over the world.

As for information, UNICEF designated this lovely cat as the Children's Ambassador to the United States in 1983. Next, Hello Kitty became the Children's Ambassador to Japan in 1994, and last as the UNICEF Special Friend of Children in 2004.

She is adored by numerous individuals globally, of any and all ages and even genders, which is proof that this character can unite people from various backgrounds and cultural origins.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Printables
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Hello Kitty Birthday Party Printables
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Hello Kitty Birthday Party Printables
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Characters from Hello Kitty that are well-known

The Hello Kitty franchise includes a number of characters, some of whom are listed here.

  • Keroppi is a companion of Hello Kitty and is a green frog with big eyes and a bright smile.

  • My Melody. One of Hello Kitty's closest friends, My Melody is a pink rabbit with huge ears and a red ribbon. Baking cookies with her mother is My melody favorite activity to do.

  • Badtz-Maru. A penguin with a naughty nature, Badtz Maru was first introduced in 1993. He is one of the rare characters who frown, yet he remains one of Hello Kitty's buddies. Nonetheless, he occasionally enjoys playing on the opposing team.

  • A white dog that enjoys walks, has large ears and wears a blue bow. A pink ribbon on a white puppy with large ears. Large flying-capable ears and a cinnamon roll-shaped tail are his coolest features.

  • Tuxedo Sam. One of the 365 bow ties in his collection, one for each day of the year, belongs to a penguin who is wearing a bow tie. He has participated in numerous sea battles and he enjoys food. One of Hello Kitty's best-dressed characters is Tuxedo Sam, who always looks dashing.

  • Charmmy Kitty. A cat that belongs to Hello Kitty. Yes, the pet cat that belongs to Hello Kitty resembles her somewhat. The cute white cat has a pink bow around its head.

  • Dear Daniel. He is both her childhood pal and boyfriend, and he is a cat very much like Hello Kitty. Dear Daniel enjoys taking pictures and is pretty stylish. He even has ballet skills, and his goal is to become famous.

  • With a brown nose and a red collar, Chococat is a clumsy black cat. Due to his whiskers' antenna-like ability to gather information, he frequently learns about things immediately.

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