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Updated on Mar 22, 2022
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Minion Printable Coloring Pages
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What Minions template can you use for Easter?

As a minion fan, you might wonder how you can celebrate Easter with everything minion-themed. In fact, you could indeed make it work. Here are some ideas for creating an Easter Minions theme. Using the Minions template, you can create an Easter decoration. Begin by printing a large banner with an Easter greeting. Set the banner compliments to the Minions character. It will look even better if you use a blue and yellow background.

Make a wreath out of a minion egg for another decoration idea. To create this DIY, all you need are wire, an Easter egg in blue and yellow, black tape, wiggly eyes, ribbon, fake grass, Easter greeting tags, and a black marker. Make sure the wire is appropriate for the wreath, which typically has three bones which is a little bit large.

To make the egg ornament, switch the eggs so that they are all yellow and blue. The top will be yellow, and the bottom will be blue. Then, cut the black tape into the shape of a minion's glasses. The wiggly eyes were then glued into the glasses. The Easter minion wreath ornaments are finished.

After that, we'll get to the wreath. Glued the fake grass to the wire. Make certain that everything is neatly covered up. Then place tags with greetings in the center. Continue sticking the egg into the grass with glue. Lastly, tie a large folded ribbon around the bottom of the wreath.

The ribbon can also be used to hang the wreath. Aside from the wreath, the minion template can also be used as a tablecloth. Print out the Minions template on the mug and plates.

Another option is to make wooden Minions wall decor. Make egg shell cutouts out of thin pine wood. Then, divide the wood into two sections using a pencil. Apply yellow and blue paint to color the wood. After that, you can begin drawing the minion's glasses and eyes. You can also make a different character, such as a chick or a bunny.

What’s the best Despicable Me's character for the Easter coloring activity?

On Easter, children are usually excited to color a themed character. If they love the Despicable Me movie, it is a fantastic idea to create the characters on kids' coloring pages. Here are some templates you might want to look at. You can select a template for the Minions while they are collecting eggs on the green hills.

Other options include the Minions riding a flying bucket, a purple minion cracking an egg, Minions dancing at a party, Minions painting their faces on egg shells, and Minions making gifts for Agnes. And for the Gru family, the picture while they wearing egg costumes is adorable.

Another idea could be Agnes, Edith, and Margo wearing a bunny hat and holding Easter buckets. Those are the idea of the templates for your Despicable Me's Minions coloring pages on Easter. You can add more character or elements to it.

Printable Minion Coloring Pages
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How to create Minions characters Easter painted egg?

Easter isn't complete unless you paint the egg shells. Because Easter is an annual event, it is preferable to use a different theme each year. If you want to make a Minions egg theme for your Easter, follow these steps. Prepare the egg shells and the acrylic paints in black, blue, white, and yellow.

Begin by painting an egg. The yellow defines the upper body, while the blue represents the lower body. Then, begin drawing the eyes and continue with the minion glasses. To speed up the drying process, use a fan or sunlight. You can paint the minion basket in addition to the egg, but first, you must decide what material you will perform. You have the option of using stainless steel or a plastic basket.

To begin painting the basket, you must first decide on a template. Then you can begin painting it. When you're finished with the egg shell and basket, you can use them to make a bouquet. To make it more attractive, add some fake green grass and another ornament.

How to decorate the Minions Easter tree?

Aside from Christmas, you can also make Easter tree decorations. The tree ornament in your home is important for attracting attention. Here are the steps you can take to make Minion's Easter tree.

First, gather your materials, which should include the tree itself, a minion Easter egg, a minion bulb, string, minion dolls, and ribbon. Let's get started on the decorating.

Thread the string through the egg shells and begin hanging them from the tree. After that, you can place your minion bulb anywhere in the tree. Then, to finish it off, add the folded ribbon.

It is preferable to use a yellow or blue ribbon. Finally, place the minion doll on the peak. You can also make a unique tree decoration by combining the bunny and chicks ornament.

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