Birthday Bar Graph Printable

Nov 18, 2010
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Birthday Bar Graph Printable

Birthday Bar Graph Printable

Birthday Graph Activity
Birthday Graph Activitydownloadvia

How do you explain a bar graph?

When we involve a birthday bar graph when learning with kids at school, we actually want to know about the distribution of the number of kids that are born in a certain month. Yes, when it comes to the birthday bar graph, the data that is shown on it is actually the months of kids when they were born, not the dates or years. The months are way more possible to be tracked since the year when the kids were born is quite similar.

Then, if we display it, but by displaying the dates, each date from one to another month is the same. So, the best suitable is portraying the data for the month when the students were born. So, before we use the birthday bar graph, we need to make them familiar with a bar graph first in the beginning.

However, it is so challenging for us to do this since we as an adult are also difficult to read and explain a bar graph. Well, actually, we need to teach them that there are two axes, X-axis and Y-axis. The X-axis is the horizontal one, where we will put various months in a year sequentially here. Then, the Y-axis is the vertical line. We use this for stating the number of students that were born in a certain month. We put the numbers there.

To let them understand the bar chart, we can tell them that the highest bar is the most students born in a certain month and vice versa. Make sure they see the month in the X-axis first, then they match it to the Y-axis that states the number of students that were born on the certain month in the X-axis. Let them find the intersection to get the correct data.


What is and why is a bar chart used?

Actually, when it comes to using a birthday bar graph for our kids or students, we actually have a certain purpose. It is because the usage of various charts has its own aims and usage. Well, a bar chart is actually when we want to display the distribution of the data, just like what we have talked about before.

With a bar chart, including birthday bar graph, we can know which groups or classification that is the highest or the lowest in general. We can also compare the group one to another with the bar graph or bar chart.

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What do graphs help see?

Actually, all kinds of graphs, including the bar graph that we are going to use for the birthday bar graph is to help us project the data into an illustration that consists of the relationship in the data. Actually, data is raw and contains too many numbers that make us, including the students, flustered.

It is because the display looks too complicated. Plus, the space of portraying data is limited. To overcome this, graphs will be so helpful, just like a bar graph in the form of a birthday bar graph.

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