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Oct 03, 2020
By Printablee
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One of the most famous games of all time is Minecraft. Until now, Minecraft is still developing and getting updates. However, there are some facts that Minecraft players may not know themselves.

Do villagers build houses in Minecraft?

The facts this time discuss Minecraft Villager’s House. Villagers are passive mobs that inhabit villages, work at their professions, breed, and can interact with players. When the world is generated or constructed by players, villages are built. In fact, they are not built by villagers. You can build several houses yourself, and the villagers who are curious will recognize them as their own, before turning them into villages.

In Minecraft, how do you get a villager to follow you?

Unfortunately, there is no specific command like "Follow" to villagers. However, there are a number of ways to get villagers to follow you. Holding an emerald block in the half hand shift-right clicking must make the villager follow you around until you put it away. The second way is to trade with the same villager multiple times until unlocking new items the villager can trade. This method will endear you to the villagers. Keep in mind, you can only create one villager that follows you at a time.

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How to Make a Minecraft Villager House
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How do you make a villager house?

Now the main question is, how to make a villager house? And what is needed to build it? To be called a "village", a village requires at least one house and one villager. The simplest "house" is marked by only a bed. If there are two villagers in one house, then they can make the house for processing. But to create a Hut, you will need several materials such as 1) 59 planks; 2) 3 glass blocks or panes; 4) 1 wooden door; 5) 20 wood; 6) a torch or glowstone; and 7) 1 bed.

The procedure needed for building a villager's house:

  1. Dig out a 5 × 5 area and fill it with 25 planks
  2. Chop out the corners, and replace them with wood.
  3. Pillar jump 4 times on each corner.
  4. Fill in the walls with planks, then replace the block in the middle with the glass.
  5. Get rid of the middle and lower blocks. Place the door from the outside.
  6. Finish the roof.
  7. Light up the inside and outside with torches or glowstone.
  8. Place a bed inside for the final touch.

The house can become a village as long as the house has beds to accommodate the villagers. You can actually use any material to build a house, decorate and create as many structures as you like. Meanwhile, the way to make your villagers feel at home is by making agricultural land for them. That way, the villagers can carry out farming activities and harvest the product with other villagers, which allows them to breed.

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