Printable Halloween Crafts

Jul 15, 2022
By Printablee
Printable Halloween Crafts
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Printable Preschool Halloween Crafts
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What are some Halloween crafts?

If you starting to bored of staying at home this Halloween, try to make these super easy Halloween crafts!

Napkin Ghost - To make one ghost, we need 2 white napkins, ribbons, markers, all these can be easily found in every house. Let's start making ghosts at home!

Step 1 - Take one napkin in our hands and roll it into a ball. Place the wadding in the center of the second napkin and wrap it.

Step 2 - Tie the neck of the ghost with a ribbon. Draw a face with a marker.

If you put multiple ghosts on one long ribbon, you'll get a whole wreath of ghosts - an excellent and easy decoration for your home on Halloween right!

What are the Halloween activities?

Halloween is always identical with pumpkins. I don't know how it started, but if Halloween comes, there will be pumpkin trinkets. Don't want to miss this moment, this time we will share a tutorial on making pumpkin tote bags that are really easy to try at home.  Oh yes, this activity can also be used to have a fun time with your children.

Tools and materials needed:

 - Pencil

 - Acrylic paint

 - Potatoes (choose a round shape like a pumpkin)

 - Knife

 - Brush

 - Paper cup

Step 1 - First of all, cut the potato in half.

Step 2 - After splitting, cut the potato according to the pumpkin motif. Color each potato.

Step 3 - After giving the color, stamp the potatoes onto the tote bag, then press so that all the colors are perfectly printed.

This DIY can be used for goodie bags, your own tote bag collection, or just to kill time on holidays.

Happy Halloween, good luck!

Printable Halloween Crafts for Toddlers
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What can we make for Halloween?

We have entered the month of October, the hallows eve aura is already felt!  So this time we are going to make DIY Halloween crafts, pumpkin succulent!

The tools and materials needed are:

  1. Pumpkin.
  2. Knife.
  3. Iron spoon.
  4. Gloves
  5. Succulents (types of cacti).
  6. Media (special sand for succulents).

Step 1 - We start by preparing the pumpkin by cutting off the top to let out the fruit filling.  Use a large iron spoon to make this process easier.  In order not to waste food, just save the contents of the fruit, you can make pumpkin soup!

Step 2 - When it's empty, start inserting the media and enter the succulent of your choice. Don't forget to wear gloves so you don't get dirty!

Your DIY Halloween Decoration is done! it’s fun and also kids friendly DIY ideas.

How do you make Halloween spiders from buttons?

Crafting is a fun activity for kids. This activity has many advantages such as helping them develop fine motor skills, improve counting and pattern recognition, teaching them about shape and color, and many more.

Due to its advantage, the teacher often combines learning materials with crafting activities. Like many other occasions, Halloween also needs its specialty crafts. One of the craft activities to do is making spiders from buttons.

To construct it, prepare some materials such as large buttons, pipe cleaners, wiggled eyes, and a hot glue gun.

Arrange the pipe cleaner to make the spider’s legs and continue with placing it on the button. Place the wiggled eyes on the top of the button.

Fold the legs part to make it look like a real spider. It is such a simple craft but still fun for kids!

What is a Halloween DIY craft you can sell?

Take the opportunity from the commercial holiday such as Halloween to make money by selling some stuff. Here are the crafts you can sell.

  • Selling customized T-shirts. You can provide the design choice but you can also let the customer use their design.

  • Halloween costume. The idea of Halloween is to make represent yourself in a different way by wearing costumes. Sell it online and put some advertisements to increase your sales.

  • Handmade jewelry is such great stuff to sell too. This thing is wearable for all ages.

  • People often seek the vintage look on Halloween to make their house creepier. It’s your chance to sell vintage apothecary jars.


Other things you can sell are Halloween masks, candy treat bags, scented candles, potion bottles, and many more.

What are Halloween activities I can do?

Start your morning by getting your body spiced up with a pumpkin latte. The unique taste might not be everyone's favorite, but you can give it a try or make a warm pumpkin soup instead.

Try to have some fun in the park or right in your backyard by jumping around the piling leaves and make a butterfly from them. Halloween takes place in the Fall which allows you to watch the leaves fall and play with them.

Have some experiments to make spooky cocktails. Find the recipe and start to experiment by yourself.

Decorate your house into a haunted house. It is such a common but must activity to do on Halloween. Turning your garden into a ghost field would be the spookiest.

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