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Nov 05, 2021
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Printable Monster Eye Templates
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What googly eyes craft you can construct for preschoolers?

Constructing the kids' craft activity can be done in various ways. Crafting with googly eyes as the material is such a great idea. There are many kinds of craft projects you can arrange with googly eyes, especially for preschoolers.

If you seek the ideas of googly eyes craft project, just check this out to get inspired!

Creating the crafting project using a paper plate sounds good. All kids need to do are paint the paper plate and stick the googly eyes there. This kind of activity will help kids with boosting fine motor skills. You can either go with the peacock template or the reindeer.

Pinecone spider is a great craft too. This activity suit you well to do in outdoors. Gather all materials such as pinecones, pipe cleaner, googly eyes, and glue. The pipe cleaner will be the legs while the pinecone is the body part. Stick some googly eyes will create the monster look into the spider.

Scarecrow should be considered too. use the tissue paper roll for making the scarecrow. All kids need to do is create the hands’ part along with the face ornaments except the eyes. Apply some googly eyes in there and it definitely looks terrifying.  

Turning the handprint into a craft would be fit for preschoolers. Making it the template for monkey is such a great idea. Kids have to print and trace their handprints. Continue with making the cutouts and then draw the monkey feature such as the nose and mount. The eyes should use googly eyes to make them spot on.

Those are crafting with googly eyes ideas you can take as crafting activities for your students. Choose the ones that you think fit well with the students and classroom environment.

How can you create a monster craft for kids?

Monsters become the animated character type that kids commonly see in fantasy movies. Therefore, you can turn monster as the kids learn. A crafting activity will be the best using this theme. Let’s check this out to see the details on how you can create a monster craft!

Gather all materials such as paint, brush, googly eyes, pom-pom, glue, and a wooden paper clip. First, kids need to do the painting first. They should paint on the paper clip. Free them to choose any types of color they wish. Let all the painting dry, then move to the next step!

Stick all the components that make it looks like a monster. Apply the face ornaments first. start with googly eyes, then jump to drawing the nose and mount part. The pom-pom will be the upper part of the hair. The paper clip monster is ready to thrill your kids.

Aside from paper clips, you can choose a popsicle stick as the crafting material. kids have to paint all popsicle sticks all over the surface and continue to stick the embellishment such as googly eyes in irregular looks.

 Those are how you can create the monster craft for kids. apply this project to your class while letting your students enjoy it!

Printable Eyes
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Googly Eye Template Printable
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Printable Eye Templates for Crafts
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Googly Eye Template Printable
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How do you make kids know their facial appearance?

Introduce kids to body parts is a must. When it comes to school learning, you can use worksheets as the introduction and also testing tools. Let’s talk about the testing tools! Testing tools, in this case, is the one that you give to your students after having learned about a certain topic. Just jump below to the details!

There are many kinds of worksheets you can choose for testing tools. If you considering using the face part only, you can arrange the worksheet that includes the activity to draw and color kids' faces.

Have a blank face worksheet and make the kids draw all of the facial ornaments based on how they look like. You can let them bring the mirror and mirroring as guidance to draw.

If drawing is too difficult, you can go with cut and paste. In this worksheet, you have to prepare the blank face template along with the separated parts of the face. All kids need to do is cut the separated face ornament and stick it into the appropriate place.

After you give materials about facial parts, the matching worksheet will suit kids perfectly. This worksheet makes you have to attach the separated face parts along with their vocabulary. Kids have to match the picture with the right vocabulary.

Fill in the missing letter will remind kids about facial parts vocabulary. You can attach a large facial or head picture and its vocabulary which already has the missing letters on it.

Kids have to pay attention to the picture to know the missing letter. The main kids’ job is to find the missing letter and form each question to be the right vocabulary.

Those are some worksheets you can use for facial parts introduction and tests for the students. Choose the one style that matches your students the most and let them engage with it!

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