Printable Easter Paper Crafts

Updated on Apr 05, 2022
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Printable Easter Paper Crafts
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How Easter is Celebrated

In many countries, religious processions are held during Holy Week, and practicing Christians attend special services. On Palm Sunday, many churches commemorate the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem by blessing palm branches and placing them on the ground during the procession. The Last Supper on Maundy Thursday is celebrated in many Christian traditions in the form of the Lord's Supper, where believers share bread and wine.

Good Friday is traditionally a day of fasting, reflection, and mourning. In Greece, many services begin at midnight on Easter Eve with candlelight and fireworks. This represents the victory of light over darkness. On Easter Sunday, churches are filled with flowers that symbolize new life, and homes are gifted with chocolate eggs. 

Traditions around the world

There are various Easter traditions around the world. Some places have lamb on Easter Sunday, but there are many other foods such as lamb, spiced hot cross buns, and sweet bread made with raisins.

Refers to, in some places in Eastern Europe, boys and girls throw water at each other. While in Corfu, Greece, it is customary to throw pots and pans out of windows and balconies and break them in the street.

In the United States, the tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter has evolved into her Easter bonnet, a fancy hat decorated with spring symbols such as flowers and rabbits. For fans of detective stories, Norway is the perfect destination for Easter. It is traditional to read detective stories and solve riddles. 

Easter Paper Crafts

Papercraft is a shape of artwork or DIY (do-it-yourself) pastime that makes use of paper to create gadgets and designs. It covers a huge variety of strategies and projects, from easy paper folding and slicing to extra complicated paper-making and quilling tasks. Popular paper crafts consist of scrapbooking, card making, origami, and making paper flowers. Paper crafts may be made with extraordinary forms of paper. It may be adorned with extra substances consisting of markers, paint, glitter, and stickers. 

Hats for kids' tea party

The first scrap paper craft you can make is a tea party hat. It's very easy to make and you can make the most of your spare time with your child. The necessary materials are used paper, glue, decoration materials, etc.

First, make a hat pattern and scissors according to the existing pattern paper. Then it is glued to the conical hat and decorated with various decorative materials to make it more attractive. We will also add a rope later as a base hook. 

Paper flower wreath

Not only tea party hats but also simple ideas using paper scraps, such as colorful flowers. The necessary tools and materials are used paper, newspapers, glue, and paints. Of course, it is complete if you shape it into a beautiful paper flower. After that, you can paint it in your favorite color and decorate it in your living room to enjoy it as a home decoration. Last, you can add a ribbon or bow to hang.

Cute gift bag

Why don't you make a gift bag with materials that are easy to obtain? This one-creation idea seems worth a try. It can even be said that it is very suitable for commercial use and reselling at a fairly high price. It's very simple, using only recycled paper and adding various beautiful decorations.

Printable Easter Basket Crafts
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Wicker basket from paper

If you want to make stylish boxes and baskets out of old materials, this paper craft is perfect for you. You can easily make it with just a paper pattern and scissors. The first thing you need to do is create the required number of rectangular patterns. For example, if you want to make a small box, you need 20-30 pieces. It is then assembled into a beautiful woven basket that can be used as a storage surface. 

Paper garlands

With paper waste material, you can make attractive flower arrangements. In fact, this one unit can be used as a wall decoration for a very elegant finish. It's very simple to make, just cut waste paper into round slices. It was then sprayed with paint and decorated with other decorative materials. 

Paper wrapping tape

Paper gift ribbons are an attention grabber. It can be said that it is very simple to make, just prepare waste paper, beads, and glitter. Cut the paper as you like and shape the ribbon. Then add a little glitter to make it look nice and ready to use. 

Environmental Impact

Easter-themed handicrafts that use recycled paper and materials certainly have a good impact on the environment. We definitely contribute to reducing waste in nature by implementing reduction, reuse, and recycling. We know that paper comes from trees, so using recycled paper naturally prevents forests from being exploited through excessive logging. 

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