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What is The History of The Cross?

For Christians, the cross is a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the cross is a symbol of Christianity that is known throughout the world. The cross also always appears in various Christian religious services around the world.

For Christians, the cross is a symbol of God's love. With that cross, Jesus sacrificed himself to die by being crucified. Jesus did this to show his love and obedience to God. In that way, he also helped all Christians.

Every fall, Catholic Christians celebrate the Feast of the Holy Cross to honor the life of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross. They believe that Jesus made them to get forgiveness from God.

In fact, the feast of the holy cross was observed in late antiquity. At that time, the cross was not only a symbol of Christianity but also an art.

In ancient times, crosses can be seen on Roman frescoes. In the third century, there was wall art called Alexamenos graffito. So, the art shows two humans with donkey-shaped heads and arms that extend in the shape of the letter T. It's similar to the symbol of a cross.

The image is used to depict Jesus Christ and his way of sacrificing himself to God. However, the art was criticized by many people at the time for being seen as an insult to Jesus Christ.

Well, from a real perspective, the cross was considered a sacred symbol in the fourth century. At that time, Emperor Constantine began to allow the spread of Christianity. So, Christianity is legal.

Well, he also asked residents to carry out excavations in several holy sites which are referred to as the Holy Land. The area became part of Roman Syria and Palestine. The area is between Syria, the Jordan River, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Then, pieces of the cross began to be found in the fifth century. Helena, the mother of Constantine, found the pieces of the cross. Then, the magic started to happen. When a woman was sick, she can be healed just by being touched by the cross.

For this reason, Constantine began to build a large church called the Martyrium over the site of the tomb of Jesus. The day when the dedication of the church is called the day of the exaltation of the cross. Well, the true cross is kept and will be shown again at every Good Friday celebration in the Jerusalem area.

What is The Role of The Cross for Christians?

The cross has always been a sacred object owned by every Christian. Apart from giving deep meaning regarding the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the cross also has several important roles for Christians. So, here are the crosses and their role in Christian worship.

  1. Atone for The Sins of Christians

    For Christians, the cross was part of God's plan to save them. With that cross, Christ's compassion will make every Christian who believes in him help people to avoid sin. The cross is something holy. Therefore, the cross must be present in every Christian service.
  2. Perfecting God's Plan

    The cross is one of the things that can perfect God's plan. With the cross, Christians get proof that God's plan is something good. The crucifixion of Jesus was something bad, but it was done for a better purpose.

  3. Save Christians

    A cross is a sacred object for Christians. Therefore, the cross can be used to save humans. So, Christians who want to go to heaven, they must pass through the cross first.

Cross Template Printable Pattern
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Christian Cross vs. Catholic Cross: Here are The Differences between Them

Christianity and Catholicism are often considered the same. However, both have differences. So, Christianity and Catholicism cannot be called the same religion. Although both recognize Jesus as God, the principles of faith and worship in the two religions have differences.

Other things that differentiate them are the procedures for praying, understanding, and interpreting the Bible, worship, and church buildings. In the Catholic church, there are more cross symbols. However, the Christian church does not have that symbol.

That's because there are differences in crosses between Christianity and Catholicism. What are the differences? So, the basic difference between the Christian cross and the Catholic cross is in their shape.

On a Christian cross, there is no statue of Jesus on the cross. The Christian cross is interpreted as a symbol of victory over evil. Meanwhile, the Catholic cross is a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus to be a reminder to humans about Jesus' sacrifice.

For Christians, the cross can be used in all buildings such as cathedrals, churches, Christian schools, and others. In the Catholic religion, the cross can be kept in the house or in a place of worship. In that way, Catholics make the cross a symbol of devotion to Jesus.

In Catholicism, the cross is made by inserting palm fronds. This is to commemorate the journey of the crucifixion of Jesus. Then, there is also the Corpus or the body of Jesus on the cross.

When viewed from the side of the trinity, Catholicism has a theological understanding or is related to biological understanding. So they believed that the holy spirit, the Father, and the Son were one entity.

Meanwhile, Protestant Christians think that theology must be understood idealistically. Thus, the holy spirit, father, and son are three different things. However, both Catholics and Protestants have the same goal in their trinity, which is to unite in the name of God.

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