Printable Cornucopia Craft

Feb 21, 2015
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Printable Cornucopia Craft
Printable Cornucopia Craftdownload

What is Cornucopia?

Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty associates with Thanksgiving, the same as turkey and brown leaves. It symbolizes prosperity ‒a goat’s horn filled with grain and flowers and fruit. It is also called Cornucopia in Greek mythology. The origin of the essence of nourishment in Cornucopia is from Zeus. When he was a kid, he was taken care of by Amalthea, a goat, even he drank her milk. One day, they played together and accidentally, Zeus broke off one of her horns. By his power, he made the horn as a meaning of eternal nourishment. Until today, Horn of Plenty relates to Thanksgiving as the reminder of blessings, abundance, and wealth for the upcoming days. The decorations can be made from bread, metal, ceramic, and weaved-plant material. Fruits, vegetables, slices of bread, nuts and grains, even leaves and flowers are put on the horn as the symbol of prosperity.

How To Make Cornucopia Craft?

The first thing you need is inspiration. You can duplicate the figures from the ones you saw on the internet or the Thanksgiving festival. Since it is a craft, the supplies are usually simple, so the kids can help you make the craft. Then, you need supplies such as cardstock papers, coloring supplies, glue, scissors, and so on. You might as well use the reusable supplies for the sack. Lastly, you draw the fillings and the horn.

Where Can I Make Cornucopia Craft?

You can make the Cornucopia craft wherever you are. At school, children, teenagers, and other highschoolers make the craft in art class. The children usually make it for a Thanksgiving decoration. Some high schoolers make it in the cafeteria or sports hall for Thanksgiving celebration at school or sell it for charity. Artists, who are mostly adults, make the craft at home or at a library for more inspiration. 

Cornucopia Coloring Template
Cornucopia Coloring Templatedownload
Cornucopia Food Printables Templates
Cornucopia Food Printables Templatesdownload
Printable Cornucopia Craft
Printable Cornucopia Craftdownload
Thanksgiving Cornucopia Template
Thanksgiving Cornucopia Templatedownload
Preschool Cornucopia Pattern
Preschool Cornucopia Patterndownload

Who Can Make Cornucopia Crafts?

Anybody can make Cornucopia crafts for home decorations and gifts for Thanksgiving. Children always make crafts at school in art class. Their parents will later give the recyclable supplies to make the Cornucopia out of paper because the materials are mostly affordable and safe, and so do teens. They will follow the instruction for making the craft from tutorials on the internet too. Many adults make how-tos for this craft, as the web visitors can modify the style into a lot of creations, and it is safe to do with the children. 

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