Printable Circus Crafts

Mar 04, 2022
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Printable Preschool Circus Crafts
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What are the parts of circus crafts?

It is a handicraft with the theme of a circus. These products of art can be understood based on the types, the color, and the characters. First of all, let us talk about the types. They are puppets, tents, trains, animal crafts, printables, hats, and masks. Most of them use papers as the main materials. Secondly, it is distinguishable because of its colors. Circus uses bright colors such as deep red, blue, purple, yellow, green, white, and orange. The coloring styles can be stripes or polka dots. Most people also color each part of a shape with a bold and different hue. The last one is the character. It usually takes inspiration from the members of the circus. We have clowns, elephants, lions, monkeys, sea lions, dancers, trapeze artists, magicians, and many more.

Why do people make circus crafts?

In order to understand this, we need to look at the history and the things the circus represents. Some believe it all started in the 18th century with Philip Astley who opened the first modern circus. It was located in Lambeth, London. It was a stage to display horse riding tricks. And then a clown character appeared with Joseph Grimaldi’s creation. Meanwhile, the first cirque in America was founded by John Bill Ricketts. One of the largest was the Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth. It went public from 1897 to 1902 across Europe. Russia opened a school called Moscow Circus School in 1927. Contemporary circus happened during the 1900s in places like Australia, Canada, France, the UK, and the West Coast of the United States. It combined traditional circus moves with theatrical techniques to narrate a story or a topic. Examples are Circus Oz, Pickle Family Circus, Cirque du Soleil, Vulcana Women’s Circus, and so on. Looking at the timelines, many people understand its significant aspects of culture and art which brings performance and entertainment together. It is an extraordinary show to watch. Many like to use it as their inspiration for their crafts. It portrays joy, playfulness, talent, and hard work. Particularly for children, they see the design as fun and radiant. Thus, they favor it greatly.

How do we make a DIY paper circus tent?

Your child wants to make an eye-catching ornament for her or his bedroom. You also want your child to be creative and independent. Then making your own paper circus tent is a wonderful idea. You need to follow the steps accordingly. First and foremost, get the supplies. They are A4 paper, a black and white tent template (you can search it on the internet), a glue stick, scissors, and crayons or coloring pencils. Second, begin the work of art. Print the printables on white paper. It consists of three parts. They are the cone, the walls, and the floors (circles). Cut around the edges by following the lines. For creative freedom, choose a suitable color for the tent. The most common one is red. However, you also can choose blue or purple. Start shading the stripes and shapes. After you are finished, glue the top tab to make the roof. Make the top into a cone. Fold the edges which are in the form of flaps. Using scissors, cut along the dashed lines of the walls. Crease the fringes. Stick the walls together into a cylinder using glue. Put the circle inside the tent. Finally, assemble the parts together. It is ready to sit on a desk or a table to make the room more lively.

Kids Craft Circus Clown
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Printable Circus Tent Templates
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How do we make a DIY clown hat?

You want to celebrate a birthday party. Many things need to be prepared. One of them is the hat. You can make it as self-assembly. The materials are an A4 sugar paper (12”x18”), art papers in various colors, white glue, curly colorful ribbons, a pompom, transparent tape, and scissors. First of all, make a cone with sugar paper. Set it aside. Draw mini circles on the differently colored art papers. Cut around the edges. Stick the small circles all around the hat. Put it on the table. Cut the curly ribbons into 8-10 inch bits. Tape them along half of the bottom part. Lastly, stick the pompom at the tip of the hat. Now, you can wear the clown hat and have fun!

How do we use circus printables in a classroom?

As a teacher, you can get your students to tell a story during class. It is a story-telling activity. For the prop, use circus templates. First of all, give your students the necessary goods. They are black and white carnival printables (animals and performers), coloring pencils, scissors, glue, and short wooden sticks. Next, make your students cut the templates. Ask your pupils to color them with vivid tones. After that, glue the paper on half of the wooden stick. Now, they have many characters to play with. The next step is constructing a narrative using the shapes. Students take turns to present their own version of a tale to the class.  

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