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Mar 28, 2023
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Hello Kitty Printable Paper Crafts
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What is Meant by Effective Learning?

Do you know about effective learning? So, it is a learning method that makes children more active in participating in all learning activities. So, children will try to solve their own problems.

Most studies explain that children can be more active when they write, speak, read, or listen. All of these things also help them to understand all the information better.

Children not only listen to explanations from their teachers but are also actively involved in all discussions. So, it involves various explorations to develop children's skills.

Of course, there is a special curriculum that can help children to get effective learning. One of them is the Curriculum for Excellence or CFE. This curriculum can help children to gain various knowledge, skills, and various important things in life.

By applying CFE to learning, children can become confident, have good communication skills, be responsible, and be good contributors. So, to give effective learning, there are several aspects.

  1. Classroom

    Because the focus of this lesson is activeness, you must make the classroom more active, so children can collaborate comfortably.

  2. Children Must Actively Ask

    Not only supportive classes but children must also be taught to actively ask questions. So, you have to encourage children so they want to ask questions. You also need to give them praise for all the questions they ask. That way, they'll be happy to ask more questions.

  3. Learning Model

    You can innovate to get fun learning methods. An example is using e-learning.


Here's How to Involved Popular Character in An Effective Learning

Making effective learning is not easy. However, you can try to integrate popular characters into effective learning. In that way, children can be trained to be more active, but in a fun way. So, here are some ways you can do related how to involve popular characters in effective learning.

  1. Explain The Character Pillars

    To make children understand these good characters, you must introduce them to the pillars of character. What's that? So, every character must have good and bad sides. So, write down all the personalities of that character in a few points. Then, explain to the children about the good and bad traits. In this way, children are able to develop good character through effective learning.

  2. Make Rules

    After children understand the characters, it is time for you to teach them to do good things from these characters. Explain the rules so they understand what you mean and the purpose of doing it.

    If there are children who can do the good of that character, give them praise. Then, ask them to come to the front of the class and practice a good thing for the other children. However, you must become a role model for them first.

  3. Practice It

    After they know what the various good characters are, ask them to do those good things regularly. If you ask them to do good things, they will do that every day without you asking.

Hello Kitty Printable Crafts
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How Can You Get Children Active in Class?

Every parent would want their children to be active in class. The reason is, children who are active in class are children who are passionate about learning. Then, how do you make children active in class? Here are some ways you can try.

  1. Lots of Practice

    Don't just give children theory, give them practical activities as well. The reason is, practical activities can make children involved in a project. Well, it makes them become active to make some ideas. They can also learn to do problem-solving from the project problems they face.
  2. Appreciation

    To make children enthusiastic about asking, you can give appreciation to them. You can give praise or prizes to children who are active in class. In this way, other children who see it will also want to ask questions and be active in learning activities.

  3. Ask A Question

    One easy way for you who want to make children more active in learning activities is to ask them questions. Use HOTS or High Order Thinking Skill questions. With quite difficult questions, children will be able to think creatively.

  4. Group Discussion

    This method is one of the most frequently used methods by teachers and parents who want to make children more active in learning activities. With group discussion activities, all the children in the group will try to express their ideas and opinions.

    Not only can make children more active, but this method can also make children have good self-confidence. They also become able to communicate well in groups or with the public.

  5. Jigsaw Learning Model

    The jigsaw learning model is a model that requires children to have discussions with their friends in small groups. Actually, this is similar to a group discussion, but this learning model is only specific to know the level of understanding of children about the material that has been taught.

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