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Oct 05, 2009
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Printable Halloween Book Cover
Printable Halloween Book Coverdownload

What should I read in October?

The Halloween vibe is getting stronger! To embrace the coming Halloween moment, here a list of all-time spooky mystery novels, from the work of veteran horror writer Stephen King to novels from Japan that won a literary award at the Japan Horror Novel Award. Dare to read? This Scary Mystery Novels to Read on Halloween would make you shiver even from looking it’s Halloween book covers

Pet Sematary - Stephen King

Released by a veteran horror writer in 1983, Pet Sematary is still one of the top creepy works in literature - even to the point that Stephen himself was initially afraid to publish it. The story also tells about doctor Louis Creed and the neighborhood where he lives which has animal graves and reveals the mysteries that have been stored in that environment, especially about the burial fields in the forest. Even though it is horror, the fantasy genre also dominates the storyline of the novel thanks to the 'wild' imagination but it is highly relatable to human thinking. What could be scarier than that?

One of Us Is Lying - Karen M. McManus

Turning to a more contemporary setting, Karen's premiere novel successfully earned a bestselling label from the New York Times and USA Today. Especially thanks to the character play which takes on the complexities of a young adult backstory, it became a breath of fresh air for horror genre literature in 2017 when it was released. This mystery novel tells a multi-perspective story of four students who are claimed to be suspects in the death of another student, all of whom come from the punishment class. Like the combination of The Breakfast Club and Pretty Little Liars, this novel feels thrilling yet strangely comforting and is packed with a twist.

Broken Monsters - Lauren Beukes

Lauren's second novel after the phenomenal The Shining Girls has also highlighted the attention of horror literature. How could it not be, through this novel, Lauren manifests how horror is the idea of ​​a hidden and unexposed thought. This horror story that feels real in everyday life begins with a fact-finding of a corpse case handled by Detective Gabriella Versado. But the terrible thing was, this corpse was half a boy and half deer. The whole city also seemed to normalize the incident after which the restlessness had been cultivated.

Parasite Eve - Hideaki Sena

Published for the first time in Japan in 1995, this novel was then adapted into a best-selling film, manga series, and video games. It didn't take long for this novel to become a new intense standard in the horror genre in Japan and the world. But instead of focusing on ghost stories, Hideaki actually channels horror through science fiction novels from the idea of ​​mitochondria. Even so, this story is just as creepy and has successfully made Cosmo shudder! The story begins with the mystery of Dr. Nagashima's sudden car accident until various medical experiments are attempted to reincarnate his wife. Even though it feels disturbing, this horror story is addictive to read until the end. Boo!


What is the scariest book you've ever read?

Last Halloween I was scrolling through the internet to see some mystery books (but not so scary) recommendation to read, mostly they all have some type of the basic eerie Halloween book covers, but then I stumble upon a book from Paula Hawkin, The Girl On The Train. I don’t want to give even a single bit of spoiler, but I really recommend this spooky mystery book (for you who doesn’t like a ghost story or anything supernatural) that ready to mess with your head!



Printable Witch Spell Book Cover
Printable Witch Spell Book Coverdownload
Printable Halloween Spells Book Cover
Printable Halloween Spells Book Coverdownload
Printable Halloween Spells Book Cover
Printable Halloween Spells Book Coverdownload

How do you make a Halloween book?

Do you want to make an easy Halloween Book decoration for your room? It’s so easy! You can search Halloween book covers on the internet, print it, and follow the instruction along with it! It’s not only a cheap way to make Halloween decoration but also a super easy and last minute idea for you to try!

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