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Apr 05, 2022
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Easter Rabbit Paper Doll
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Easter Craft Ideas for Children of All Ages

Easter is such a happy holiday that people of all ages like celebrating it. It's a chance to celebrate with loved ones and partake in beloved customs. Additionally, it's an opportunity to display creativity by making unique Easter craft projects to adorn the home or present as presents, as well as by decorating Easter eggs using fresh and unique approaches.

Therefore, if you are running out of inspiration for Easter egg crafts, follow the suggestions below to add additional color to your Easter crafts project.

  • Bunnies and chicks made from cardboard tubes. Build these adorable animal sculptures using recycled materials. Make the bodies out of cardboard tubes, the ears out of card stock, and the animals outfits and their nose out of colored party napkins. Faces can be drawn on with pink and black paint markers.

  • Napkin Bunny. A square dinner napkin should be folded diagonally into a triangular form to create these lovely napkin bunnies. To make the DIY simple and easy, let the adult iron the triangle flat before you proceed. Roll the entire napkin beginning at the point of the triangle. Next, put an egg that has been decorated directly just above middle of the roll. In order to make ears, collect the napkin's top edges so that it wraps around the egg. Then tie a ribbon around the napkin's top edge.

  • Ear-catching treat bags. A 10" by 20" piece of burlap fabric should have candy in the center of it. The fabric is folded on the sides, and a ribbon is tied at the top. Bunny ears can be made by cutting a "V" shape out of the center of the extra cloth.

  • Spoon Bunnies. Using craft glue, connect spoons' ears made from folded pipe cleaners. Use colored pencils, paint, or markers to doodle rabbit faces on the spoons. For cheek "stampedes," dip a pencil eraser in pink paint.


Inventors of Craft

In the 1860s, a reform movement called the Arts and Crafts Movement was born in England. John Ruskin (1819–1900), one of its leading proponents, and William Morris, depicted to the right, were its main advocates (1834-1896). The Pre-Raphaelite movement was led by Ruskin, a philosopher who was also one of the most notable Victorian writers on the arts.

As a result of its closer ties to nature, the Pre-Raphaelites thought the medieval world to be more pure in form than the post-Renaissance one. The Stones of Venice, by John Ruskin, was published in 1853, and it had a significant influence on Victorian English intellectuals. He drew a clear parallel between art, morality and nature, in it, arguing that morally upright art was just nature represented through a man.

The world's oldest craft

Since the Neolithic era, when artifacts from 29,000 B.C. have been discovered, pottery has been a traditional craft as well as one of oldest innovations of humans. Around 6,000 B.C., the Mesopotamian region developed the first potter's wheel, which revolutionized the way clay could be used to make objects.

How the craft emerged

When the Arts & Crafts movement crossed the Atlantic to the United States in the 1890s, it was able to survive longer, at least until the 1920s. The Arts & Crafts movement first appeared in the United Kingdom around 1860, approximately during the same period as the highly associated Aesthetic Movement.

Although the movement did not receive its popular name until 1887, it was present in both of these nations and inspired a number of contemporaneous artistic and political movements in Europe and North America, including Art Nouveau, the Prairie School, the Wiener Werkstatte and many more.

Easter Bunny Pop Craft
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Some interesting facts to discover on Easter celebration.

You can learn more about Easter by reading the facts listed below, some of which may surprise you. For example:

  • The Easter bunny is German. In Germany throughout the Middle Ages, hares and eggs were symbols of fertility, and it was around this time that the myth of an egg-laying, candy-giving rabbit was created. The Easter Bunny didn't become a cherished American tradition until the first German immigrants arrived in the 1700s.

  • The reason ham is served at Easter dinner. Due to the fact that the origins of Easter are Jewish Passover, the majority of early Easter celebrants traditionally consumed lamb on this holy holiday. However, due to the date of the celebration, ham is now a common part of many American Easter feasts. Hams would have been ready to eat in the early spring years ago if they had been winter-cured.

  • In the past, wearing Easter attire was bringing luck. An old myth claimed that wearing new clothing on Easter will bring you prosperity for the remainder of the year. In addition, it was so broadly accepted that wealthy New Yorkers practically would show off their attire after visiting Easter mass at luxurious midtown churches. This custom served as the inspiration for New York's contemporary, considerably less aristocratic Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival.

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