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Mar 30, 2022
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Easter Bunny Puppet Printable
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What crafts I can make for preschoolers’ class?

To introduce the preschoolers to Easter, you can start constructing a project that uses this theme. Tons of ideas from numerous materials to choose from as the Easter craft.

If you seek ideas to apply in your class, just go straight on and get inspired!

The paper plate is a versatile material you can use for making the Easter project. Making the baby chick form a paper plate is such an awesome idea. Gather the materials such as the yellow feathers, paper plate, yellow paint, brush, wiggled eyes, paper, and baby chick stencil.

Let the kids paint the paper plate all yellow. Instruct them to leave it until all dry. Jump to the legs and the peak part. You can use the baby chick stencil to have the legs designed.

After all the components are gathered, you can start to stick the feathers behind the paper plate. Stick them on the left and right sides. Continue with sticking the legs on the bottom part.

Stick the wigged eyes and peek inside the paper plate to look like the face. The paper plate baby chick is ready to embellish the classroom.

Bunny sun catcher will be a great project for preschoolers too. To arrange this project, you will need clear paper, tissue paper, a paper puncher, string, a bunny stencil, colorful tissue paper, scissors, and glue.

Let the kids cut the tissue paper in a random shape. use the bunny stencil to make the clear paper bunny cutouts. The design with only the bunny face is great too.

Continue to let the kids stick the tissue paper on the clear bunny. Make a hole with the paper puncher in the upper part and insert the string. The easter bunny suncatcher is ready to embellish the classroom window.

Those are the craft items you can arrange for Easter. Select the ones that you think suit the kids the most and let them have a great crafting day!

What Easter appetizers that make your celebration more festive?

Having an Easter party makes you have to arrange everything, including the treats. The treats itself will consist of the appetizer, main menu, and dessert.

For the appetizers, you can serve a lot of foods in a mini size that still refers to the Easter celebration. Let’s check this out to get inspired!

Fruits will be a nice treat due to their healthiness side but still tasty to consume. Turn the fruit into pizza in an Easter egg shape. This is kinda unique but still looks delicate.

Fruits you can choose for the Easter egg pizza are strawberry, kiwi, mango, blueberry, grapes, orange, and many more. Customizing the fruits with the ones that your guest like will be better.

Having a food tray fill with veggies sounds nice, especially for vegans. You can include the veggies such as carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and edamame on the tray. Constructing those veggies to look like the carrots will be the greatest.

Turning the boiled eggs to look like the baby chick sounds awesome too. Boiled the eggs and cut the in half part. Make the yellow part show up and add the black beans for the eyes and the carrot as the peak.

Carrot croissants are also great for appetizers. Roll the dough to look like a carrot. You can go with a mini-size stuffed with cream cheese and parsley. Add the greens to look more like carrots.

Those are the food ideas you can choose for your appetizer at the Easter party. Consider using that one but still stick with what the guest like.

Printable Easter Bunny Crafts
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Printables Easter Bunnies
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Printable Easter Bunny Crafts
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Easter Bunny Printables
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How can you arrange an Easter scavenger hunt?

Instead of letting the kids play with the egg hunt only, you can go with the Easter scavenger hunt. To arrange this game, you have to prepare the props and the scavenger hunt form. Let’s get to the details!

Start to arrange the things you want to make the kids search for. Attach the things that kids should find on a sheet. List the things such as the bunny doll, bunny headband, bunny footprints, baby chicks, carrot, Easter basket, Easter sign, and many more.

To play this game, the kids need to walk around the neighborhood and look at the people’s decorations on Easter. After they found them, kids need to give sign on the scavenger hunt list.

After they did the treasure, reviewing the things that kids find will be great. You can ask about what color and how the item on the list looks in real. Besides making them participate in the treasure, this kind of game also boosts the kid’s social skills by explaining each item they found.

That’s how you can arrange the scavenger hunt for the kids. Apply this game on your Easter and let the kids have fun!

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