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Updated on Mar 06, 2021
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What crafts can I make at home?

Here are some crafts that we can do at home:
1.    DIY t-shirt tye dye
2.    Paint flower pots
3.    Draw with flower stencils
4.    Create miniature books covers
5.    Make customized tools for dolls, such as DIY AG doll laptop.

When it comes to creating crafts at home, the main important thing to remember is the accessibility and the budget. Since we do it inside our house, make sure the equipment and the material are easy to get. We can even utilize the materials that we usually have in our house without buying it first. Make sure the equipment and the materials are also suitable for our house. Consider the price of the equipment and the materials too. Easy, simple, and cheap objects are usually recommended. Don't forget to make sure that those are not harmful for us. If we do it with kids, don't forget to supervise them.

What are the different types of crafts?

We can define types of crafts into five kinds. Those are:
1.    Paper crafts
When we do origami, download and print 6 petal flowers and also cut it, or anything that creates something with paper, we can call it as paper crafts.
2.    Decorative crafts
Using large flower stencils and pigmenting it to the plain surface, carving, or anything else that makes a flat, plain object to be brightened or colored is determined as decorative crafts.
3.    Functional crafts
When we create something that can be used to help our daily activities, we really mean that we do functional craft. We can find the functional crafts when we create a pitcher using clay.
4.    Textile craft
Knitting, sewing, or simply dyeing a basic T-shirt can be called a textile craft. This activity always involves things related to fabrication or creating a ready-to-wear product.
5.    Fashion craft
This is creating a certain product of crafts that will dress our body. For instance, we create jewelry. The textile crafts can be a method to produce fashion crafts too, like crocheting a handbag.

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What are the best crafts to make and sell?

Crafting can be a good therapeutic for us. In fact, crafts can be sold to anyone. We will get the double pleasure, a profit and delightment when doing crafts. Here are some crafts product that are potentially profitable:
1.    Bag crochet.
2.    DIY slime.
3.    Beaded bracelet.
4.    Flower crown.
5.    DIY bath bombs.
Well, we can conclude that the potential products are commonly in the form of fashion crafts or things that become a trend, like slimes and bath bombs.

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