Printable Christian Easter Crafts For Kids

Apr 06, 2022
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Christian Easter Craft
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Bring Easter energy to your children by using these free printable Easter crafts for kids to play with while learning new things. One thing you may need to know about Easter Day is about Holy Week; you can read the explanation here.

What is Holy Week?

Holy Week, also known as Easter Week, is an eight-day period during which we may reflect on the transformation in mankind that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross initiated. It occurs each year during the final week of Lent; hence, the dates of Easter Week vary from year to year. This makes Holy Week and all of its days a "moveable feast," observed by Christians all across the world.

It all starts on Palm Sunday when Jesus enters Jerusalem. The first started with the Last Supper. After the day follows His crucifixion and Easter Sunday with His resurrection.

This is the foundation of Christianity; His sacrifice inaugurated the New Covenant that God had promised and that many had foretold about throughout the Old Testament. Each day of Holy Week provides us with a close-up look into the heart of our Savior. Every crucial step toward the cross, every breath up to the last, and His resurrection all express His love for us.

Many Christians regard Holy Week as a particular time to focus on Lent and their religion before celebrating Easter. They might reflect on the sacrifices they believe Jesus Christ made for mankind prior to celebrating his resurrection. Because "passion" can sometimes refer to pain, Holy Week is also known as "Passion Week."

Where does Holy Week come from?

Christians are said to have celebrated Easter Week since the third century, or almost 1700 years ago! Christians were urged at the time to fast for a week in order to experience a portion of the agony that they think Jesus endured for them.

According to historical records, public companies were required to close for the week preceding and following Easter Sunday. Historians and theologians are divided on whether these manuscripts are authentic. Whether or not the records are authentic, Holy Week has a lengthy history.

Many individuals mark Holy Week by attending Christian and Catholic Easter services. Varied Christian cultures have different ways of commemorating the week. There are special church services, processions, and re-enactments of Jesus' life and crucifixion, for example.

On Good Friday, Christians ponder the significance of the Crucifixion and key Christian themes. There are hymns, prayers, and sermons in certain churches.

Easter Sunday is the day when it is believed that Jesus was resurrected. Special church services are held, and some individuals consume hot cross buns. Some people even wake up early for a morning service since it is believed that Jesus was resurrected at dawn.

Printable Christian Easter Crafts
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DIY Easter Day Ideas 

1. Easter Hat

What you will require:

  • Straw hat with Super Glue Gel Clear Glue Minis (or similar)
  • Colorful decorative rope
  • Easter decorations of several types
  • Various artificial flowery foliage

Optional: Spray paint the hat to prime it and adjust the color.

Steps in the activity:

  1. Wrap the ornamental rope around the hat and secure it using Super Glue Gel.
  2. Once dried, begin adding ornamental elements. Begin by putting bigger pieces first, then smaller pieces, and finally foliage and flower pieces to fill in the spaces.
  3. Clear Glue Minis are used to secure the ornaments.
  4. Consider adding entertaining accessories such as battery-operated string lights or perhaps pasting some dangling plastic egg decorations from the brim of the hat.

Tip: For this project, you can use whatever shape/size/color of the hat you desire. If you can't locate the color you're looking for, spraying the hat with a couple of coats of primer/paint in one spray paint will help!


2. Easter Basket

What you will require:

  • Adhesive Glue Spray
  • Clear Grip Glue
  • Baskets of various sizes
  • Colorful decorative rope
  • Easter decorations of several types
  • Various artificial florals and foliage
  • Shredded decorative paper


Steps in the activity:

  1. Apply a thick application of Glue Spray Adhesive to the interior of your basket. Allow it to get sticky before adding your shredded paper. This will help it stay in place.
  2. Add the specified embellishments to the basket with Glue Clear Grip.
  3. Add a rope handle, Easter decorations, and foliage to the rim or exterior of the basket.
  4. Layer decorations by putting larger ones first, then smaller ones, and finally greenery. Faux flowers are a terrific alternative for this craft, but you may also use dried flowers.

Tip: Getting some really cheap baskets for a few dollars apiece from a thrift store works excellent for this project and keeps it affordable! Use any size, shape, or type of basket you can find.

3.  Easter Glue Gems

What you will require:

  • Clear Glue Silicone Moulds Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Beads and other embellishments


Steps in the activity:

  1. Fill your silicone mold halfway with the Clear Glue.
  2. Mix in colorful beads and glitter.
  3. Before filling the remainder of the mold with glue, gently swirl in the ornamental components using a popsicle stick. (If you wish to manufacture a keychain, insert one now.)
  4. Allow the mold to dry for at least 48 hours before extracting your jewel.
  5. Remove any extra adhesive, and you're done!

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