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Updated: Dec 12, 2010

Which printer is the fastest?

The HP Officejet Pro X Series can deliver high-quality professional documents at up to 70 pages per minute (ppm), making it the fastest desktop printer according to Guinness World Records, powered by HP PageWide Technology, the company's next generation inkjet platform.

What is meant by graphic design?

The visual communication and problem-solving process through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration is graphic design. In order to form visual representations of ideas and messages, graphic designers create and combine symbols , images and text.

What does full color mean?

Full color is a term that implies that the combination of four primary colors (Cyan , Magenta , yellow and black) achieves inidivdual colors and is sometimes referred to as CMYK or full color process. Spot Colours-Inks to produce a specific colour (pantone) are mixed to a calibrated and standardised specification.

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  1. Emotion Worksheets for Kids
  2. Symmetry Art Activity
  3. Tint and Shade Art Worksheet
  4. English Worksheets
  5. Art Therapy Coloring Pages Adults
Printable Emotion Worksheets for Kids
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Symmetry Art Activity
Pin It!   Symmetry Art ActivitydownloadDownload PDF
Tint and Shade Art Worksheet
Pin It!   Tint and Shade Art WorksheetdownloadDownload PDF
Printable English Worksheets
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Art Therapy Coloring Pages Adults
Pin It!   Art Therapy Coloring Pages AdultsdownloadDownload PDF

What is the printing process? Printing process steps

Each process of printing is split into pre-press, press, and post-press steps. Prepress operations include steps during which the idea of a printed image, such as a plate, cylinder, or screen, is converted into an image carrier.

On Etsy, do digital prints sell well?

Listing a digital download on Etsy is just like creating a listing for a physical product, except when they make a purchase, you will upload the file your customers will receive. After buyers buy a digital file on Etsy, it is available on their download page immediately.

What is a printable download?

A printable one is a digital download in the form of art, graphic designs, and even text. From a website, you can download and print them from your own computer. Some examples of printable items include cards, prints of art, clip art, digital stamps, calendars, stickers, and entire art projects.

How do I get a printable business started?

Building an Etsy store, a go-to site for many types of printables, is the fastest and easiest way to begin selling your printable. Fiverr and Creative Market are other online options to sell your printable version. You can build your own online store if you would like more control over your printing business.


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